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  1. I have a question regarding obtaining a mortgage. I have old private student loans that have charged off and fallen off my credit report and are no longer reporting. Yet also have student loans that are current and that are reporting. One of my current student loans is with the same bank from the old charged off loans. If I need to provide a Loan Verification Letter, the current loan will show with the old charged off loans. So even though no charge off loans remain on my credit report, these will be visible on my Loan Verification Letter. WIll this prevent me from obta
  2. That's the problem, I don't have any old credit reports, but all my current paper reports have the 30-60-120 late in 2008, then positive status until 2010, then the 30-60-120-charge off in 2010. I have no idea why they are positive between 2008 and 2010, I was never in contact with anyone nor did I pay anything. Do they have the right to do this? The fall off date on the reports is based on the 2010 charge-off date, I don't understand why it's not based on the 2008 date. It makes a world of difference to me.
  3. I never paid the loan nor was I in contact with the the OC or any CA at any time. Am I correct in assuming then that my account was re-aged in 2010? Do we have any sample letters I could use to report re-aging of my account and to demand that this be corrected? I agree that based on all the info I have on all 3 of my credit reports, that these loans should become obsolete 8/2015. That would be huge for me, and save me 2 years of grief!
  4. DOFD is 8/2008 on all loans with 120 late reported 10/2008. Charge-off occurred 1/2010 with this scheduled to report until 12/2016. I have been fighting these loans for over 1 year now with all 3 credit bureaus and the OC and getting no where. I just cannot understand why they took so long to charge-off. Don't I have some law on my side to request for these to drop in 2015 based on this info? I just feel like I must be missing something... From the FDIC: Closed-end retail loans that become past due 120 cumulative days and open-end retail loans that become past due 180 cumulative
  5. I need some help. I have a few very old loans that I defaulted on many years ago, in 2008 to be exact. My credit report states that I was 120 days late in 2008. However these loans did not become 'charged-off' until 2010. So here are my questions: 1) From my reading, US Federal law is such that loans must officially be charged-off after 120 days. 2) My bank waited until 2010 to charge-off my loans, when I never paid a cent towards any of these loans. Isn't this illegal, or am I missing something? 3) If they had been charged-off in 2008, then they would be due to fall off this year as 7 y
  6. Thanks! I'll give it a try and report back...
  7. Thanks amandal I really appreciate it. If I could get these lates off, it would be a huge boost for me, I've been working hard on credit repair for a while now, and feel like I'm getting no where...
  8. I co-signed with my husband on a lease from America Honda Finance, and at the end of the lease in June 2013, we returned the car, and the account was closed. Looking at my credit report recently, I saw multiple 30 day lates (my husband was not responsible and sent in the check late and incurred 30 day lates a total of 11 times!!!) and I wasn't paying attention at the time. The most recent late is from August 2012. I made him send 2 goodwill letters so far, but they wont budge and remove these. Has anyone had any luck with them at all? Should we just keep on sending GW letters or is it pointles
  9. usofa I really appreciate your help. I have all my exact dates but chose to purposefully omit them on this public forum. I'll make the calculations as you say, and try and sort all this out. Just curious, with my seemingly nomadic path, how would a lawyer choose from where to sue me? Many of my old addresses are on my CR, but exact dates are not... Will they just serve me at my last address? Again, I have not been hiding at all, I always update my addresses. What if I've already moved back home to CA but they sue me in MI, do I need to return? It's all very complicated to me, but is critic
  10. I double checked and in fact my dates were a bit wrong. I actually left CA for MI in 2011, and plan to return soon, so a 3 year leave of absence. I also had a 2 year leave and lived in OH 2007 until 2009. I was in CA all other times. I don't quite understand all the legalese above, but was wondering about a few things: 1) As I had a work contract for a specified time in MI with plans to return to CA, as far as the CA franchise tax board is concerned, I may have remained a CA resident the whole time, with a few other stipulations that do apply to me (I was just doing my taxes and came acros
  11. Thanks Clydesmom, your advice has been invaluable, I really appreciate your time.
  12. I have no intention of skipping town to hide from them, I have always had intentions to return home to CA in the near future. I will forward them my new CA address as soon as I move. I was just inquiring regarding SOL because this makes a huge difference should I enter into settlement negotiations. I lived in CA when the SOL expired in 2012, and have been in MI for almost 3 years. My plan has always been to return to CA, I was just wondering if I should do this sooner because of all this mess. So basically I am correct to be paranoid about being sued before the 10/14 SOL deadline in MI. They h
  13. May I ask why the CA SOL doesn't apply? Will it apply once I move back? Should I consider moving back sooner?
  14. I have 5 private student loans that originated between 1999 and 2003, I am 100% sure they are private. They are for very hefty sums. I was never able to pay them, and never made any payments. I was in CA when I originated the loans and have been living in many places since then, I am currently in MI however plan to return to CA in 4 months. The DOFD on all of them is 10/08. I recently received a letter to my MI address from a collection agency for 3 of these loans asking for payment. My guess is I woke them up because I stupidly applied for and received a Capitol One card with a credit line of
  15. Please help me understand something though, isn't it impossible to put an inquiry on someone's CR without either their first and last name or their social? Even though I have this judgement against me that never showed up, the lawyers office must have done some PI work to find my CR and current address...? This is what scares me and makes me want to just throw money at them to go away. I'm just scared that they'll eventually add this to my CR...
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