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  1. That sounds like good advice. A couple questions... 1) Once you caught up, did you get off their bad person list? As if everything is normal? 2) Right now they won't take my money, at least not through normal channels. Who/how did you pay? As I understand it, I am in a foreclosure status, so if I understand you correctly, because it's just starting I can stop the process while HAMP processes and I get caught up, correct?
  2. How is Citimortgage regarding foreclosure and repayment plans? My home slipped into foreclosure about two weeks ago. Apparently I missed by ONE DAY having a payment applied that would have probably staved this off. My check was returned uncashed. Ironically, I am now in a position that I can catch things up within 2-3 months (I am 4 months behind), and have talked with someone at Citi regarding a repayment plan of sorts, but am in limbo until I get a call back from a "specialist" late next week. Ideally, I just want to catch up, get back to making regular on-time payments, and get off the
  3. Does the boyfriend work, or have any income? I'm presuming he is not on the loan, hence he stands nothing to lose other than the inconvenience of moving. I wish I could offer more help, but it sounds more and more like it hinges on him, and he'd shoot down anything you propose anyway. ETA: Is the property management company responsible for the well upkeep?
  4. Today, it's 29 days late. Technically, by the thinnest of margins, I could pay today and be "ok". I cannot pay today. For better or for worse, I will catch up the HELOC as much as possible, so they cannot use that as an excuse to foreclose any sooner than they might otherwise. I will make the November payment in December when I get paid.
  5. Probably not. I have to keep the lights on, etc., also. In fact, I may have to do a running 30-day late until February, when I am expecting a large payment from another source (not tax return). I'll be able to do November, though.
  6. I don't have any good advice, but considering that she has a live-in boyfriend who refuses to cooperate, the better... though not emotionally ideal... option would be to let the chips fall where they may. If she walks away, it will definitely affect her credit and ability to rent, but that's not necessarily a one-way street to homelessness. She won't be renting high-end, though, that's for sure. Is she wedded to Virginia? If necessary, would she consider moving elsewhere? If I may ask, why doesn't she have a DL? That, probably more than anything, limits her options.
  7. Background... Have had mortgage since 2005, never (30 days) late, balance $133K+/- Have had HELOC since 2005, balance $20K House worth approx $195K ($42K+/- positive equity) Declared BK in 2008 Mortgage reaffirmed HELOC not reaffirmed (offered , but they never responded, so it didn't happen) Both 1st & 2nd with Citimortgage HELOC has been late, but only since BK, currently August payment is due (3 mos late) In Iowa I have been self-employed for 2 yrs now after being laid off. Income is inconsistent. I have a current project but won't be paid until the middle of Decem
  8. My first job was at an Arco station, before they went self-serve and Am/Pm, and the gas was considered some of the best, but... that was 32 years ago. Your mileage may vary today (no pun intended).
  9. Ok, it's been awhile and I forget... If you request that a current/original creditor not call you at work, are they obligated to not call? I know 3rd party collectors cannot, if you tell them not to, but I forget the legal obligations for original creditors. Thanks.
  10. I don't think you ever will get a response from Visa, so that's out. You should get a response from RS, though. I'd follow up with another snail-mail letter to their CEO and ask why they won't even respond.
  11. It's Visa's policy. It is not the issuing bank's policy.
  12. I think I know the answer, but want to make sure. I want to open a business checking account at a credit union where a relative with the same last name has a checking account. This relative isn't totally irresponsible, but may trip from time to time. What's the chances I could get caught in something they did just because we have the same last name? (My business name includes my last name) We obviously do not share SSNs, and my business has a separate tax ID number anyway.
  13. I'd talk to my doctor, not the teacher.
  14. You are my hero. In some states the stores don't have a choice. Courts have ruled that those people have a right to be there.
  15. I always replace the rotors (if they need it) also. Partly because it's just quicker and easier. Partly because it gives me peace of mind. I always replace the pads at the same time, simply because... "As long as I'm in there..."
  16. Any of these rules still current? No ID required: Still in effect. No minimum purchase: Now allowed, but what amount? No maximum purchase: Still in effect. Zero-Percent tip: Still in effect.
  17. My wife has a small collection account with CB Accounts in Peoria, Illinois. They keep calling and leaving messages to call back. We normally do not answer (have Caller ID), but a couple times we did and it always disconnects. We never call them back. Anyway, we have sent limited C&D letters via CMRRR twice, and both times they have been returned unsigned for and unopened. My conspiracy-minded suspicion is that they purposely do not sign for certified mail because they know it's never good for them. Any suggestions in getting them the limited C&D? We are thinking of filing a
  18. I find it difficult that someone would find this an issue(although I can't debate how you feel). Verification is not accusation, at least I don't see it that way, and there is a real difference in definitions. We are asked for proof of identity in many things, we have ID's for work, we need to prove age(are they calling me liar?) To get on a plane or to enter a court, do you feel they are calling you a terrorist or a judge killer? When I call my bank, I am glad they are asking me for verification before they will answer my questions or move money. I don't feel accused. Are the pharmacist calli
  19. Can you articulate* exactly WHY the asking of ID offends you? Is it simply because it is "against the rules" and you feel the need to be the unofficial enforcer of said rules? Is it because you fear the Rain Man will memorize your information and come get you in the middle of the night? Yes, my questions are sarcastic, but know that I get offended also. For me, it's simply that I feel I have been accused of being a bad person just by the question. It's as if they're saying, "We think you're a thief, prove your innocence.". There's always that underlying presumptive body language an
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