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  1. She appreciates what I've done for us, but she has no interest in participating.
  2. It must vary by region. Between where I live and work there are 3 Targets. Unless I'm there early (9am'ish) or late (9pm), there seems to always be a steady flow of foot traffic.
  3. In the old days, the holidays were good for disputes. The idea was offices were staffed less and there would be more of a chance of it slipping through the cracks. This may still be the case.
  4. My history is similar to others. 2YRs in with them on a Freedom. Started at 2,500 and still there. Not worth the HP, but great for the 5%
  5. Curious, What are your thoughts on what AA is based on? Data in your report? FICO score? Both? Stuck with one PD CO that has not updated since 2012. 2YRS left to report till it drops of natural age. There's a shot that the account will just disappear if I push hard enough. Then again, there's a shot it will stick and DOLA updates fresh. If the latter occurs, I expect to see a decrease in my FICO score. Maybe a few points, maybe 30+, IDK. I think it's the FICO hit that may occur that keeps me from moving forward on this. I don't want a current creditor to watch
  6. mindcrime


    I usually get them on the last Friday of the month looking over the last half year, however, September's came on the last Monday the 28th.
  7. If there are pending credit issues on the horizon, maybe see if you can get some help here by listing them out?
  8. How recent did you get the WF card? Are you sure your TU and EQ just have not updated yet?
  9. Good to hear about the approval. I had forgotten that a number of people have reported getting hit with two inquiries with DCU. I was one of the few who walked away with only one. App was by phone, Membership, saving account and loan all in one from what I recall.
  10. Yes, but even making small payments doesn't guarantee you won't be balance chased.
  11. If it is in fact listing as the "new" DOFD, do you have proof of the original?
  12. Not necessarily. Only if the DOFD changed. "New account" is likely due to the account not being there on the last CK update.
  13. Do you have statements/proof past 2008 (through 2011) to show that you never made any purchases or payments past 2008?
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