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  1. No medical bills that i know of. But how to i dispute for obsolete stuff. Do I just fill in and send the forum? Or do I have to send in paperwork with it?
  2. I could use some help with what to do after i get my credit report. So long story short. when i was about 23 or 24 I got sick and stopped working. couldnt pay anything off everything from a credit card to overdraft to cell phone bills. I am 30 now and want to rebuild my credit. I opened up a secured credit card with capital one four or five months ago and I am saving up for another secured CC with another bank. I sent away for my free credit report from equifax and transunion, they sould be here in a couple of days. I am hoping everything will be off my reports but i dought it. I want to dispute everthing left on it since its been six or seven years and the date for it being to old is fast approaching on anything thats left. How do i dispute whats on my credit report, I have seen the forums where you fill everything in. What else do i need for them to take me seriously. It says i can add a hundered word letter, do i need to do this. Do i need to send in paper work, because I dont have any and the only place I can think to get this is from the collection companys by asking them to prove the dept. Or do i just need to fill in the forums and send it in. thanks this forum has already been a huge help to me. I can see the light! I will update when my credit reports get here. I am in ontario if that helps

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