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  1. RiotAct

    Synchrony luv button

    Is it a soft pull? I'm seeing this verbiage below the "Submit" button: " You may be asked to provide your annual net income if we do not have your recent information on file. Income is used to determine eligibility for a credit line increase. Subject to credit approval."
  2. RiotAct

    tracking credit scores

    This is wrong - the free credit reports that you can get once per year from AnnualCreditReport.com are your actual credit reports; the same ones you'd pay $ for potentially if you went straight to the sources' websites. They will tell you everything you need to know, including your last-reported balances on each loan and credit card you have, any derogatory marks, etc.
  3. RiotAct

    The Heaviest Credit Cards

    The Chase Amazon Prime card has to be right up there, too.
  4. RiotAct

    Changes coming to Amex PRG

    I was seriously considering applying but then I saw that the $10/month credit is only at those few restaurants. I don't use GrubHub.
  5. Congrats! That's a nice CLI. I received one about 12 months after opening mine, but it was only a $500 CLI. ($3200 --> $3700). I PIF every month and my FICOs were around 760 at the time of the CLI.
  6. last Friday (8/17), gave it a whirl and went from $20k to $22.2k. It's now my second-highest CL.
  7. Why do you say that?
  8. OP, they will certainly retain the Account Opening Date when it converts. Well, put it this way, I would be shocked at the incompetence if they don't!
  9. RiotAct

    Terrible Barclay Experience

    I have roughly the same # of accounts... made a Google Sheets table with the name of each card and their payment due date as the rows, and the months as each column. Then I mark an 'X' as I pay each one.
  10. I hit the luv button last week for the first time in about 6 months... got another $500 and now my limit sits at $19,700.
  11. RiotAct

    New Uber Credit Card (Barclays)

    Applied last night, wasn't insta-approved but I got the approval email a couple hours ago. $1,000 limit. I have a couple other Barclay cards already so maybe that had something to do with the low starting limit. Credit scores in the 760s - 770s depending on which bureau you're talking about.
  12. RiotAct

    Wally FICO January Update

    -5 to 768. Recently opened a new Visa Signature card, probably the reason for the drop.
  13. Sometime in the past week or so, I got a $600 CLI on my Target RedCard. Went from $2,500 to $3,100.
  14. Off-topic, but I just got my cashback from that "6-month 10% back with Apple Pay" promo that they did last year which also stacked with their 5% off categories... holy crap!

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