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  1. Yup - got the email just now and came here to post this! Maybe no longer a hidden tradeline... interesting
  2. but where would people get their free pens and mints?
  3. talk with your HR department. Every company I've worked for in my professional career has an online HR portal where you can adjust your withholding (how many exemptions you claim, etc) to try and get more $ into your normal paycheck.
  4. thanks - that works (and i actually saw the post above mine shortly after I clicked Submit... ha). I wonder how long until they take the "actual" FICO away from us...
  5. ugh, now mine's switched over as well it appears. The "View your FICO score" link is gone, and there's instead a link reading "Free Credit Score and Report" that, when clicked, prompts me to sign up for the AmEx MyCredit Guide VantageSkore crap. As of yesterday morning, i was able to get my actual FICO through AmEx still.
  6. I've been getting a ton of Chase and BoA balance transfer offers in the mail over the last couple of years. Also, weekly invitations to upgrade to the AmEx Platinum.
  7. cv, this thread has been really helpful!! My wife and I are closing on our first house soon (hopefully in a couple weeks or so) and I may use some of these same tactics.
  8. Sucks that the 15% back at U.S. Supermarkets has a maximum of $10.
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