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  1. **********UPDATE*********** After I requested an Opt-out AND a Freeze on July 24 (same day i posted) a few days later I received a letter requested more info. I had a few letters and emails from various vendors (and my Bank) every time they notified me their info had been compromised, so that was easy to do. (I scanned them and emailed them in) I received an email this morning, that my security freeze was approved and to expect my pin in the mail. I also received an email from their "opt-out" department that an "opt-out" was in place as well.. I called to confirm and have both an Opt-out AND Freeze on my Lexis Nexis info. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So getting a freeze in PA can be done. (I don't have any liens, foreclosures or major issues involved so maybe there are legal reasons some can"t get? Just a thought) Anyway I promised I'd update... Good Luck to everyone in their credit struggles! It's a long process sometimes, keep at it!
  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to write me back Moosetracks! Everything you responded to makes sense to me and I don't feel like I'm groping so much in the darkness now ... Maybe this will help someone else as much as it helped me!
  3. I asked the woman I spoke to ( 1-800-831-2578) the difference between the opt-out and the freeze, and she explained it pretty well. (I find that if I play dumb I get more co-operation) After she explained it, I asked for the Freeze and she said I'd get my PIN in the mail by next week. (She actually had trouble getting into her computer and offered to call me back and DID!) I guess I'll find out if/ when they send me my PIN. She knew I was in Pennsylvania because she needed my address and stuff to look it up. I found your post after I was trying to look up advice on something else, That's why I commented. I'm not claiming to be an expert by any means. I'll let you know what happens next week when I hear back, I guess.
  4. What does that mean? Is there some sort of law prohibiting that?In pa you can only opt out..you cant freeze I live in Pennsylvania and I just got mine frozen this morning....
  5. Ok. So this is probably my first real post. besides a few comments. (Long time lurker!) Got my reports in 2014-waited till they were all over SOL. Wrote DV letters got some accounts removed. NOW I'm attacking with ferver. On 6/20 Called all three CRA TU EQ EX and got all old addresses removed from EX and EQ but TU kept my OLD address on (because it was still involved in a dispute) (I moved a little over 1 year, 6 months ago). (2 accounts fell off after address removal) 6/21 Did an Online dispute with TU used "Obsolete" and "The account was Paid in FULL" and I just got the report back (7/17) and they CHANGED 4 of my OC baddies to "Account paid in full; Was a charge-off " (Walmart/JCPenneys/OldNavy/Paypal) ALL are supposed to fall off on or around 10/2017 and 11/2017. 7/23 Found Incurite link somewhere (not spelled right but found it here on CB) froze that 7/24 Got a freeze on Lexis/Nexis (waiting on an Opt-out) Soooooo what to do now? Can I request those OC's to be removed because they are now "Paid". Do I just wait it out till they get closer to falling off? I think I'm going to try to get them marked that way on my other 2 CRA's (EX EQ) ? Should I just lay low till the "Freezes" take effect and Jack-attack? Haven't heard anything from Portfolio/or Midland --(listed on a few of the OC accounts "purchased by another lender/sold to ")if they contact me about these accounts that are now marked as "Paid in Full" tell them "I Paid" stop bothering me and remove your account?? I'm stunned that TU changed info that easily. (NOT complaining) Any and all help, suggestions, musings is GREATLY appreciated!
  6. Wow I did this right now today! TU removed ALL of my old addresses! (except for current) EX did all but One (said it was connected to 2 old accounts which I will followup on in 3 weeks per instuctions! ) Got ALL old phone numbers off on Both! Going to try EQ next . I started my Credit Fix over a year ago after waiting for the SOL to run on on everything and educatiing myself on how to best deal with everything. (read,read, READ folks!) I'm getting closer to the drop off (Mostly in 2017) for 5 accounts (All handled by either MCM or Porfolio and have seen recent posts suggesting to ask about removal early.) Taking baby steps - but paying off in huge amounts of self-confidence and feeling like I'm in control finally!! Had a SwissColony account from 1997 (date of LAST payment re-aged WTH? ) so going to go to the BBB on that one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I also was able to get a free CR from EX but simply saying I had been rejected for CCard and I got it free no prob)

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