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  1. I'm a bit embarrassed to post my approvals; I went from "not app'ing for any new cards" to "I don't know what came over me" (I think I have turned into a credit w-h-o-r-e)!! Although, I WILL NOT app again until 2015! NFCU Cash Rewards 25K NFCU LOC 15K Barclay Arrival World Master Card 10K MCU Plat Visa 8.5K Capital One Venture 7.5K Amex BCE 2K - most excited *D to 1992! In 61 days I will request the 3x CLI Chase Freedom 2.5K - Foot in door! They have never liked me... took a recon to get this
  2. Dude or Dudette, I know you are trying to be helpful and I sincerely appreciate it. However, stick to the task at hand... are you here to fix your credit or learn how to strengthen your credit profile? Just Read! Focus Young Grasshopper!
  3. Cuz... I got a wallet and I like pizza Steve. Who else loves Multiplicity?
  4. Logged into my Amex account for the first time today (card isn't here yet) and to my delight, it states "Member since 1992". Here's to hoping the new card reports to the CRA's as a 1992 TL. If it does, I'll hug it, squeeze it, and call it "George".
  5. Thank you everyone for the wishes! I think they helped! Our offer was accepted and we are scheduled to close the first week of March!
  6. I listed individual income on my Amex app. I have read threads where people listed HHI. Should I call them in 6 months or so and change it to HHI in hopes for a larger limit on a CLI? I looked for a "Master HHI CC" or similar thread to see which cards actually allow HHI on apps (after the fact). I didn't find one with various search terms. Does one exist and I am just missing it? I'm done with apps but thought a "Master CC HHI" thread might be useful for others in the future. If you all think it would be useful/helpful, is there a CC guru willing to start one? I have an Amazon Prime membership due to expire in March. I plan on canceling it just before it's scheduled to auto renew in hopes to use the link from Amex to sign back up and receive the $79 statement credit. Will that work? I ask because it specifically states "new" memberships and not sure it will fall under new; technically my membership wouldn't be new as I would have had a previous membership. Has anyone cancelled Prime, signed back up with the Amex and received the statement credit? I tried to log in with the reference code they emailed me. It stated I could create an account with the reference number, log in and update statement preferences, etc.. For some reason, that link takes me to a page that asks me why I need my CC number. Not expecting that page, I still went through the motions and selected "I didn't write it down" (I don't remember what it actually said, but I didn't select lost or stolen or any of those). I click next and it told me I couldn't receive the CC number and instead the card would arrive in 5-7 days. What am I missing here? No big deal, I can wait for the CC to arrive; I just thought it was odd I couldn't do what the email said I could. Anyone else experience this? Thanks!
  7. I would think that no response would work in your favor, however I am certainly no expert with the SL's. I have had an easier time understanding CC issues than SL issues... IMO they have been the worst to deal with. I didn't have any luck with the Nelnet lates. I did however have luck with getting the incorrect reporting of all the other issues by disputing through the CRA's. So, now I just have the 3 loans showing those lates.
  8. You're house is gorgeous and looks quite roomy! The "devil" kitty does look like a sweet little angel under that tree..
  9. I suppose you're right Bob. I have never been in a position to do anything remotely comparable, but if I could, I do know it would make me happy to know I made a difference in someone's life. Funkie.. we have been busy and it feels so good. Thanks for the congrats on the house; I'm hoping the offer is accepted! Maybe your congrats is a sign it's going to happen.. one can hope. I / we do have a good boss, and I wish everyone could experience such. Believe it or not, when I first became an employee of his, I had mixed feelings; he bought our business. It was hard to let something go we worked so hard at, but it was a relief at the same time. Although we didn't profit or lose from the sale, we gained so much more in the end! I am a true believer in Everything Happens for a Reason.
  10. I know! All of his employees from his various companies have nothing but great things to say about him... we always knew he was a wonderful person, but had no idea how big his heart was until now. Besides paying a mortgage on time every month, how can we ever express how grateful we are of him? A simple thank you card doesn't seem like enough.. any thoughts? I would invite them over for dinner, but I admit I am a terrible cook and it would probably gag them.
  11. I'll try and keep it brief... Exciting: The last couple weeks have been glorious! It all started when I posted a question about NFCU. Bob Wang (and other NFCU'ers) suggested we go for a CC and LOC with Navy. We both app'ed and were very pleased with the results; 21k & 25k Cash Rewards CC's and each received 15k LOC... two steps forward (more like four steps)! Thank you all for the suggestion! Knowing we would be iffy on a mortgage because Amex updated DH's CR to reflect a CO that happened years ago to the CO in Dec. 2013, our plan was to wait for 6 months to apply. Long story short; Amex is pointing the finger at EQ and EQ is stating that Amex updated it to reflect the recent CO and a LO stated the recent update was the only thing holding us back. If we get it to report the actual CO date or sent a letter stating they would update to the correct CO date, we were solid for a mortgage. Anyway, a gorgeous foreclosure was brought to our attention and even though we knew it might take a bit before the Amex issue was corrected, we went and looked at it. OMG! Love at first sight. The house suits us just perfectly... easy commute to work for DH, quiet, large private lot, solid house, etc. (I could go on and on). When we got home, we started planning for a "quick fix" to the Amex issue so we could place an offer on the house... call Amex and agree to pay them if they just update to the correct CO date and send us a letter stating it would be done, etc. We were going to put our plan in action on Monday. We ended up meeting with our boss and discussed work, his travels, etc. DH and I told him about the house and our issue with Amex and he said to go ahead and place an offer on it, and suggested an amount. So, after the meeting, we called up the agent and placed an offer. A day later, the agent calls and emails me stating they needed the Highest and Best offer as there are multiple offers on the property now. Oh jesh! I made a quick call to our boss to get his opinion (we value his opinion highly as he is a very wise businessman who owns property and successful businesses all over the world). Well, here comes the additional step forward (leap actually).... he put a cash offer in on the house for us with 10k earnest down and said "good luck!".... He is going to owner finance 100% for us at 4.35%! Nerve-Wracking: Our agent said we won't know if the offer is accepted until sometime next week. I'm hopeful, but so worried because apparently the other offers are very close to the asking price, if not a little over. I hope the cash offer of 5k less than asking will be viewed as more desirable to Fannie Mae!! I haven't been able to sleep more than a couple of hours a night for two days now. I try to forget about it, and it doesn't work! Grrrrr. My nerves are totally gone! Exciting: Because our boss is going to help us by owner financing a home, we pulled the trigger on refinancing our vehicle. Originally, we were going to wait and do it after a mortgage was obtained, but since we don't have to worry about a denial, we went ahead. NFCU to the rescue!!! This CU is the absolute best!! They are financing 100% at almost 4% lower than our current loan... every bit of savings helps and the difference will be put into one of our savings accounts as we will never miss it. Well, that's my update. I'll continue to working on our CR's, but now it will be a little less stressful in that department because the baddies that remain will all be gone by next year. Wish us luck!
  12. Shucks! Well, looks like I will have to call one of my family members from Maine and have them join so I can get that referral.
  13. Going back over my paperwork regarding the judgment, I noticed on pages 1 & 2 of Affidavit and Request for Default and Default Judgment are stamped with "Received & Filed" with the name of the court and date. On the Entry of Default and Default Judgment By The Clerk page, it is signed and dated except where it states A true copy, Attest:, and it is not stamped with "Received & Filed". Am I correct in assuming; since the document wasn't already filed at the time the copies were made and sent to me, that it wouldn't have the stamp, and signature indicating it's a true copy? I have read where the defendant's receive a Notice of Judgment when all is said and done. I am 99% positive one was never sent to me. I say 99% because I kept everything in a folder regarding the debt and can't imagine not filing something like that with the rest of the paperwork (unless my Ex was playing games with my mail - which could be the case). Should I have received it? Or, does this mean the judgment was in fact never recorded? Unrelated to whether or not is was Filed and/or Recorded: The original Complaint against me listed the amount of the retail installment contract as $36K less than it actually was. All the other paperwork (Exhibits) had the correct loan amount though. I am the typo queen, but I think that typo takes the cake, especially when it was on a legal document. Sorry about all the questions. Although I am just going to let this fall off by itself, I am curious.
  14. I don't think they recorded it. I searched the court database and couldn't find anything. The judgment creditor was the same bank so I will leave it be. It's only 3 months away. Thank you

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