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  1. Yeah someone is full of themselves....you are not that special
  2. maybe I was signing statement and it is my name also
  3. Ban I knew I could count on you Jeff
  4. If not those doing it, nothing is really accomplished
  5. I backed offed until I saw other posters start dragging my posts and name back into it.
  6. The definitions of contributions seem to vary widely depending on who is using the word. Apparently if you type or link anything whatsoever, that is a contribution. And by saying that, it was a fair warning to the poster as to the amount of trolling and bullying that goes on here by major "contributors", and was not directed toward anyone specifically. But, guess who grabbed the bone.
  7. Be careful about being a douche bag. You may be called a daslim. Another example of humanity's finest right here.
  8. be careful about not contributing. You may be called a parasite and self serving.
  9. They probably don't like you. Target has never asked me for an ID. I don't even give them the credit cards, just tell them the last 4 digits. you must be right...my statement meant nothing....considering the facts was using different cards...all signed 1st time...never asked. 1 not signed next time, only asked on that one. cashier made statement herself and actually did what she said....guess that doesn't happen everyday.....someone with real integrity But, I guess when you ignore facts, you can justify or feel good about any assumption or crazy idea you can say about someone.
  10. They told me the policy was to ask for ID if CC is not signed.
  11. They made a movie about one but used a pie instead. Did you sue for royalties?
  12. I believe that. I am sure there is a video somewhere on the net.
  13. I don't know, you seem to be used to it. You tell me, unless ponies and strudel makes you feel needed.
  14. OP, Yes it is appealing. No I have no experience with this. Yay. more contributions....I should do this on every thread. This is FUN!!!!
  15. You know, that is the same about my posts that others picked up on. Posting something useful was part of the root issue. That was what I was talking about. Thanks for agreeing.
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