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  1. Does it matter that my license is out of state? I think I have an old sprint bill with my new address on it. But since my contract expired with them, I decided to stop using cell phones (I cant afford it) I have correspondence from a lawyer trying to collect a college related debt. Do you think that would help also? Furthermore, should I ask to have all but the address on my license and current address, removed? Thanks for you help!
  2. Hey WhyChat, thanks for getting back to me. I have opted out (actually did it online today) and plan on calling tomorrow to order my 3 CRs. Now I have a this question..... Is there any other way for me to verify my current address without a utility bill? (I dont pay rent/utilities)
  3. Hello Everyone! Im new here to CB and Ive been reading and taking in a lot of information these past couple days. I know I have a long way to go in repairing my credit, but now is the time to start getting things in order. Over the years I would see various medical collections on my reports. Most of which I do not remember. I had disputed them but unfortunately without the help of this site or letters, they would come back as verified. I paid one or maybe even 2 of them off (even though I had no idea I had these services done) and now I have 4 open medical accounts in collections and one judgment from 2009 for $1000 plus 6% from the date of the judgement (on TU under the remarks it is labeled as "payments deferred") I was never given any notice about any pending judgement! I have contacted the court house and asked them to send me a copy of the judgement as suggested on WhyChats website. I have the information of the lawyer as well. But my questions is, how should I go about validating the debt from the OC without resetting the SOL? (the debts originate in Virginia and I have moved out of state since then) Ive read that a judgement can reset itself whenever (is this information correct?) Do I need to start the HIPPA Process? My ultimate goal is homeownership, and I know I have to get this stuff off if I ever want to think about owning my own home. Thanks in advance, and let me know if any further information is needed!

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