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  1. Opened in June 2014 with $1,400. Currently at $4,100
  2. what was the denial reason they gave and how old is your account? Was it a denial? Or a system error message? Or a "not enough time"? Or did they want to pull you hard? I'd try again in a couple of days It said they cannot approve at this time, please try again in the future. Ive had the account for close to a year now.
  3. Well... hit the luv button today at the 17 day mark ... and nothing for me... a little disappointed, but was able to squeak two $500 increases over the last month, so cant complain too much I guess.
  4. So I got another SP increase of $500. First was on 4/14, the second was today 5/2. So that brings me to a CLI of $1000 in two weeks. I'll take it!
  5. I actually work for Lowes, and yes, you can call to inquire about a CLI. Even when you go in the store and apply, you can have them call to get your limit increased once approved, which I believe is a soft pull. If you're an existing customer, you can go to the customer service desk and request a CLI increase, however im not sure if that is a soft or hard pull.
  6. When initiating a freeze on your credit reports online, how long does it take to go in effect? Instantly, 5 days, 10 days?
  7. So still waiting on CLI from EO. Spoke with them last Thursday Aug 21st, Saw they Softed me today Aug 26th on Equifax. So assuming I'll know in the next day or two.
  8. I know FreeCredit doesn't give you a 100% true score, but how do they come up with such a difference to MyFico? Just to give you false hope? hahahahaha
  9. LOL... well just realized that MYFICO only shows inquires in the last 12 months, not within the last 2 years, so that explains it. Sorry for being a bonehead !
  10. So just curious, and excuse me if this has been discussed before. But why is it certain sites show different information? Like FreeCreditReport.com gives me a score of 693 with 7 hard inquiries showing and MyFico's Experian score gives me a 639 and only shows 2 hard inquiries. Does my true report show 2 inq's or 7? Same with smartcredit shows 5 inq's for Transunion but MyFico's Transunion shows only 2 inquires.
  11. I requested mine Thursday afternoon with the EO, still waiting as well. Good Luck!
  12. I was planning too, just curious if anyone else had dealt with Toyota motor credit...

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