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  1. Is the annual fee worth the Churn in your eyes?
  2. Going to be making a large purchase in the next few weeks, instead of writing a check might as well get a sign up bonus(or two). If you had to pick current sign up bonus to hit what would it be?!? I already hit the Amex BONVOY so that is outta the question. We mostly use points for hotel stays and are not brand loyal. barclays arrival plus possibly??.
  3. Anything out there to Charge $4400 on then pay off? Taxes are due...would need to beat the 2.75% convenience fee that is charged by County. Have Penfed 2% which wouldnt be worth it...so looking for sign up bonus I could hit
  4. Im sure we could split it. We are looking for hotel points, I wonder if I call AMEX if they will offer us the new sign-up bonus that they have going for the SPG card. We have quite a few Chase UR right now(around 120,000), and about 39,000 SPG points
  5. Ink preferred is business correct? I've searched a lot of sign up bonuses and I don't see a ton We already have SPG,Barclay arrival +...perhaps one of the Hilton cards?
  6. We're going to be making a large purchase(8-12k) and will charge it then pay it off within a month...my question for the great people of credit boards is this. Any great sign up bonuses out there that we should app for a card? Or just charge it to our sapphire preferred?
  7. Nickspen13

    Re-fi Rate

    800+ fico, we locked in 3.375% on a 20yr with $1100 lender credit... What is anyone seeing on a 20yr right now with the Bond tanking? We can lock in 3.250% on a 20yr without a lender credit
  8. I wouldn't say we are shady clowns who like to mess with transactions, especially if us clowns are giving you advice
  9. Had our LO run estimates with both options both are conventional 30 year with 5% down 280k home with "lender paid pmi" 4.375 after taxes and insurance $1713.27/mo 280k home with PMI, 3.99, after taxes and insurance $1773.26/mo Also looked at FHA with a rate of 3.750, but the pmi cost was $189.79/mo, which would be $1,848.19 a month We plan on staying In home 6-10 years. So to me the "lender paid PMI" looks attractive. Now if the home we buy appraisers for more, and we know we can get to 80% quicker maybe the pmi option makes sense
  10. Just got an estimate back on a home we were looking at, our loan officer showed us an option of Lender Paid PMI, where we would do a conventional loan with 5% cash down, and the rate would be 4.375%, but we would have no monthly PMI payment and in turn our total monthly payment would be less(albeit not by much). If we plan to stay in the home 6-10 years, would this make sense? This included no origination fees as well, and the out of pocket expense was low the 4.375 is 5% down with 780+ Fico score Should we look elsewhere for lower rate, and find a different way to pay PMI, or even just pay it?
  11. might possible do a substitution of collateral, which basically means the dealer buys the loan back from Ally
  12. What kind of rate would he be looking at with same scores and5-10% down?
  13. Nickspen13

    15/15 ARM

    Correct, but if we do not plan on living in "starter house" for 10years let alone 15, is there a downfall? We would be subject to what the 30yr fixed is at the point in time anyway
  14. Nickspen13

    15/15 ARM

    With Penfed offering a 15/15ARM, what are the downfalls for a first time home-buyer who will not be staying in the home for 15 years. As our family grows, we will definitely outgrow our "starter" house. With FICO scores in the 780-800 ball park, and roughly 6-8% down is a 15/15ARM(or even a 5/5ARM) the best option? I understand there is a 1%origination fee, loans under $417K, and primary residence. Ideally we would be looking between the 260-290K ball park. Are these available on new construction homes as well?
  15. Ive had an IT card for 18months, had 5K limit...was able to get 8K with the soft pull. YMMV

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