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  1. HI! I'm needing help on how to put together a financial statement. I searched the forums but was not able to find anything yet. I will keep looking but if someone could PLEASE maybe point me in the right direction. Thank you so much!
  2. Ok so for some reason I don't understand how this works when you all say to pay before the statement cuts. For example my Cap1 last billing cycle was Sept 6 - Oct 5, payment due date would be Nov 2. So to optimize positive reporting on credit cards you are supposed to let a balance ride but then pay the day before the statement cuts?? Would this make Oct 4, the optimal time to pay in full? I'm a little lost on this part of the credit game. Thanks for helping!
  3. Bumpage. When you sign up with several credit monitoring services and do daily "soft" pulls of your credit to make the "hard" pulls bump up and off your list of inquiries. I was actually kidding but it is so nice when people respond so nicely and don't put new members down. You are earning your angel points. Liz (ps have finally figured out the basic tenents of the process but there is always a lot more to learn. thanks again. SOMEONE out there will need this information. LOL. Thanks!
  4. Bumpage. When you sign up with several credit monitoring services and do daily "soft" pulls of your credit to make the "hard" pulls bump up and off your list of inquiries.
  5. All the negatives that I have are due to age off in 2015. Keeping an eye on them & writing letters to try to get them off just a few months earlier than due to fall off. Should be a good year for my credit. Garden the cards that I have (dang walmart will NOT give me a credit increase!!) and thinking about trying to learn *B to get my inquiries off.
  6. Me too. Waiting for age off & still writing letters trying to get them off sooner. Took about 6 months off from this job but am back at it now.
  7. Here is what I have on Experian: LNVN Funding – Capital One Bank Status: collection account, $400 past due as of July 2014 This account is scheduled to continue on record until May 2015 Information disputed by consumer (meets requirement of the fair credit reporting act) Here is the OC info: Capital One 30 days Sept. 2008 Status: Closed, this item was updated from our processing of your dispute in Apr 2014 High balance: $2,354 Comment: purchased by another lender The goodwill letter that I have from this board says to send to the CA. Does anyone know the best address to send to LNVN or should I just use the address listed for LNVN on the Experian report? Thanks for your help!!
  8. This shows what to do if you do not have a judgement filed or if you find a discrepancy with the judgement filed. What can you do if the judgement is accurate and it has also been paid? Any way to get get Midland and LNVN off my reports?
  9. You have inspired me!! I have some baddies that are due to fall off next year but I think I will try your tactic to get them off sooner.
  10. I did get the results of updated in the mail. I was ready to fire off the next part of the hippa letters but checked the backdoor first and now I'm not sure that I need to go to the next step as it seems that they actually deleted. This stuff is so confusing.
  11. Yes I checked every tab that I could check. I did not see them.

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