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  1. Wonder if this may help with any CLI's or Approvals with other Citi Products?
  2. From my understanding, the Sub Accounts remain accessible, according to Macy's Credit Department, even after they are paid off. Once I read about changes coming, I had DW apply for a few more Sub accounts. In total we had a $4k Furniture, $1.5k AMEX, and $2.5k Revolving, then got approved for a $5k Major Purchase and $5k Jewelry, both in June. Never using either new Sub Account and having paid off the other in January of this year. New account login says $16,600 CL Revolving and $1.5 AMEX. SO they gave us a $100 CL, lol, now that I think about it. Hope you did better than that!
  3. Had read about the upcoming changes..... had DW get a few Sub Accounts approved (all on SP's).... ended up with an additional $10k in CL's.... logged on today, and have a Store Card of $16600 (how they got this # I have no idea, lol) and an AMEX of $1500.... just thought I'd share!!
  4. Both DW and I have this card. CLI's are mediocre IMO, gave DW a starting CL of $10k and a 6 mo CLI of $2.5k. Use it for flights between LAX/LAS and LAX/SFO. As mentioned above, 1st class flights are EXPENSIVE both for miles and cash. The Companion Certificate is basically a $150 coupon, must have code and can only book it online, phone reps can't book it for you. Also only valid on Main Cabin, can't use on Main Cabin Select or 1st Class. They do Status Match if you have Status with another Airline, which probably isn't that big of a deal to most. I tend to like the card, but I like the airline for short trips only.
  5. Not that this is a "Backdoor Number" per se, (so I apologize now if this is the wrong place to post it). However it may be of use to those here. Barclay's Manager Line 1-866-928-3106. Assisted DW after a TERRIBLE experience with a foreign call center rep. Again, sorry if this doesn't belong here.
  6. Just a question for the experts and those who have much more experience than me..... Will a Discover with a large CL be able to act as a Prybar with other Banks/CU's? Thanks, Manny
  7. Just a ?.... As I have been reading CB for over 5.5 hrs, lol.... I am finally ready to pull trigger on M$.... And since 4/16 is the cut off date for non Amex CC loads, do I have enough time to open a Serve account and load $500/day for 3 days in a row via Softcard? Or must I wait for a physical card too? Sorry if this is an obvious question, it's 2:35 AM in California, lol....passed my bed time! Thanks for all your help!
  8. Correct, however after the crash, I do know that ALL Lenders now use a "consortium" of appraisers, referred to as Appraisal Management Companies, which doesn't necessarily mean that you will receive a local appraiser doing your home appraisal. It could be an appraiser from +100 miles away (though highly unlikely, it is a possibility, the last company was from Orange County and we are located 86 miles away, tho the appraiser was local). Which means that your value is what they are coming up with using strictly comp's. Now that does open up the possibility of Rebuttals, which I know are very few and far between these days with regards to acceptance levels by lenders. I guess I was hoping someone would have some knowledge in this area. I apologize for not phrasing my ? better.
  9. Just curious, as DW gets all the CU ads for Mortgages. Being in California, where property values are "high" so to speak, and as we all usually believe that our home is worth more than it probably is. I had a ?, how do Pen Fed, NASA, et al compare with regards to Home Values compared to say Chase, Citibank, BofA, etc. More conservative? More liberal? in the same ball park as the major lenders? Can anyone share their experiences? Thanks in advance. Have a great rest of your week!!
  10. Congrats on yours and your son's approvals. Thanks for sharing that info. Did you by chance enter that into the creditpulls database? Now, get rid of that First Premier card before he ruins his credit life. Yes, thanks for the reminder, that is 1st to go!!! As for the CPDB, not as of yet, I have ALOT to enter in there. Thinking about starting a thread called "All in the Family", lol.
  11. I have 3 Personal (Venture Visa Sig, QS1 x2) and 1 Biz Card (Sparks Classic) total CL's of $32k (Venture is $20k of that). Was hoping to add one more in the next 90 to 180 days.
  12. Sounds good. Just remember that this offer ends on the 18th. Hopefully there will be more for the last minute push. I wouldn't be surprised if the raised the 50k bonus to 75 or more. I would do it again even for 40K. Me too. 25k would be worth it. If 25K would be worth it to you, get the business version. I was under the impression that they pulled the Biz version of this card. Does anyone have an active link?
  13. Just my 2 cents and somewhat off topic. Not to mention that I do believe I got approved under the radar. On my 1st App Spree, I app'd for the CSP (was 1 of 3 Pre-Approvals on site) and the Ink. I was approved for both. A few days later I received an offer for Freedom, checked the website and it was still 1 of 3 offers, so I app'd, and was approved. On Day 8 I rec'd ANOTHER offer in mail, for the Slate, didn't really want it, but figured I'd do one for science. Btw, was still 1 of 3 offers on pre-approval site, and I was approved (though my lowest limit and only one less than $10k). So within 8 days I app'd for and was approved for 4 cards. ****Now, I helped my son get started with credit during his winter break home from college (he had a First Premier and Discover Student along with being AU on a few cards). I had him apply for Freedom, and he was approved instantly for $4500. Then I had him apply for the Hyatt as well, approved instantly for $8500. Then I had him app for the BA card, got the 7-10 day message. Recon'd and UW said that he had maxed the number of cards allowed to apply for within a 30 day window (2) but that he could call on 31st day from 1st app and ask to have the BA app reviewed. So I hope this may be of some use to the CB community. Obviously, YMMV would be a standard comment here
  14. Both Retail/Non-retail: Ann Taylor MasterCard Credit Card Fortunoff VISA Credit Card Gander Mountain MasterCard Home Shopping Network (HSN) Mastercard LOFT MasterCard Credit Card Marathon VISA Card *** They also don't offer the HSN Mastercard any longer.
  15. Any idea when DC might open up applications again?
  16. Wow, really? Even if Primary Acct Holder has a D* of 1993 and the AU also has a D* of 1993, (they each had a joint account back in 1993) AMEX wouldn't use the 1993 date for the AU? I was hoping when DW applies here in the next 90 days ( as we PM'd about before the holidays) that I might be able to get an AU card with a D* of 1993, lol.
  17. Happy New Year's to all my fellow CBers: Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. I had a quick question, I have read threads on D* and in everything I got a little confused. With regards to an AU card, IF the AU had their OWN AMEX in say 1993 would they be able to use that as a D* date if added on as an AU? I know that it is said AU D* is dead, however, I kinda got turned around in my readings, I think that it is dead with regards to the MAIN CC Acct Holder having D* and the AU trying to get the SAME D* that really wasn't theirs. I am assuming that if the AU had a potential D* of 1993, that AMEX would honor it regardless of the date on the new acct, am I completely off here? Also, if AMEX did allow it, what might the impact be on the AU's AAOA. would it truly effect it? Or since it's only an AU card does it factor differently? As always, thanks for all your help and guidance, I have some success stories to share as soon as I get caught up with school.
  18. Thanks......Me either.................one was the Ink Plus though, for $10k
  19. Just an update: received an invitation for the Slate Card today in the mail, have been wanting to get ANOTHER app approved, as I have felt I shorted myself on this app spree which is on it's last leg (day 8)..........and what do u know............................................................. APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a starting CL of $5700....... this is my 4th Chase Card in 8 days!!!!!!!!!! BTW, I found out my Cap1 Venture card had a starting CL of $20k this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. I thought of that, they I got a FIA Amex 2% for a measly $1k (I actually did laugh on recon, not even my store cards are that low), then they turned around and approved me for a BofA Biz Card $6k, weird!!!
  21. What a waste, lol, now i know why the Experts say stay away from Store Cards, lol!!!!
  22. Any good ideas for an EQ Puller? If EQ is clean, get in with PenFed. LOL Nothing is clean, that's what is crazy!!! I see Target, want a few tv's......should I?, lol, not that I couldn't have bought them before all this, but now I don't wanna stop....maybe another chase card???? 4 in 1 week?
  23. Update.... Approved after verification $11,500 CL
  24. Thanks Konrad! I have been a member of Marriott and Ritz for years now. We just started with Hilton. Hyatt is on our list due to the card, 2 free nights. Also will be looking forward to getting the Ritz card in the future and perhaps the Marriott. Right now since I have just started this Points Habit, we are carefully looking into the cards we want, AMEX and CHASE products lead the pack for us with the exception of the Citi Prestige and AA, which only DW can app for (Citi turned me down due to Tax Liens as did SYNC). She was denied on the US Air card due to too many new accounts, so maybe in late January if its still around. Again, thanks! Hey Mendel! Thanks, I just checked, funny cuz on Monday I had no offers, now I have the same 3 that showed in November (Slate, Freedom and CSP)..... Being that I can't seem to freeze EX online, should I still app NOW? I say go for it if the offer is still there. CSP/Freedom/Ink Plus is probably the most valuable combo for travel rewards out there. Thanks, I definitely have been watching and reading the experts like yourself!!! SO should I use the Prequal or the Invitation? I don't think it really matters unless one is the $200 offer and the other is the standard $100 offer. The reason we like the pre qual is because with EX frozen, it's a TU pull. Pulled the trigger, we will see what happens, under review

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