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  1. This OC is a company called Set Focus who is no longer in business. It was an a technical school and tech school loan. And furthermore the deal was coming from the OC via the servicer.
  2. I owe $10,614 on a student loan that I have the funds to pay in full now and am 100% current on and have always been. When I called the lender and as I was getting information on the payoff amount they offered me an unsolicited settlement proposal for $10,000 which they put in writing. In the letter they state if I pay $10,000 by 12/22/2017 the account will be closed and noted as Paid in Full. I think the lender wants their money out of the loan for some reason, but I am fearfull that I may be missing something here and don't want my credit to be impacted negatively. Here is the letter: The above-referenced account with (lender) is serviced by servicer and has a current principal balance of $10,614.08. Servicer is authorized to offer you a one-time settlement for $10,000 which is active through 12/22/2017 . Should you take advantage of this opportunity, upon receiving your payment, the account will be closed and noted as Paid in Full within (24) hours. No further action will be required on the account. What should I do as a $10,000 payoff is better than $10,614? Kevin
  3. any other ideas regarding "another way" . Thanks.
  4. Hi Whychat, Helping my Navy son out who has a couple medical collections paid back in 2015 (before knowing about this process). Here is what has been done so far: 1. Opt Out 2. Delete Old Addresses On step 3 - send a dispute letter to each CRA. 2 questions. 1. The CRA report lists the account from the CA; not the OC. Which should be listed in the dispute letter? The CA account and account number or something else? 2. Is there anything else that needs to happen in the original dispute letter for a paid medical collection? Thanks.
  5. Or even better did he join after the debt was incurred? SCRAYes he joined after the lates were incurred. What is scra?If he incurred the Kate's and the debt prior to joining SCRA won't apply. also SCRA really kicks in while on active duty. Has he been on active duty/deployed? Either way I thank you and your son for your service. He just got back from the Middle East on active deployment. Thank you .
  6. Or even better did he join after the debt was incurred? SCRA Yes he joined after the lates were incurred. What is scra?
  7. Or....maybe i should have asked is there a reporting expiration time limit for reporting these negative late marks?
  8. Do they have a SOL on reporting of these negative marks? Thanks.
  9. My Navy son got behind on some student loans back in 2012 and then got caught back up. The loans were tranferred to Mohela in April, 2013 and are current with them, but are still showing as Negative on his report. Can these be removed as Negatives? Should he even worry about them? The last delinquency was June, 2012. Thank you.
  10. The CFPB to the CA did the trick; the CA deleted even after 10 different letters and complaints were ignored by EX. Thank you WhyChat. Only one more bad one to go, but that one is not medical and very very old and just reporting to EX.
  11. Still fighting with what to do on this one. Here is a recap to bring up to date; this is my one last bad account. 1. I live in Texas. I have an old $700 utility collection from Colorado due to fall off in April, 2016 (only on EQ) 2. Reporting on EQ since 2013. 3. DV in 2013 which was confirmed with a detailed bill. 4. I am about to buy a house and its better if this is 100% gone. Proposed solutions in this thread are....how does everyone vote?? Thanks. 1. FOAD Letter 2. PFD Letter @ 10% 3. PFD Letter @ 50% 4. DV it again again and see. 5. Wait it out and see what happens
  12. fyi.... Equifax has been a total pain lately. They haven't been deleting anything earlier than 7 years. Anyone having any luck out there getting EQ to delete early? it seems like they ONLY delete one month prior to date of last payment on the first. It seems a pretty firm policy now. only way to get things removed seems to be going thru the OC or CA and try to get a removal or date of last payment changed so it auto deletes. Im just freezing them and going with creditors that use other CRA's with more reasonable early exclusion policies. agreed. This is my experience as well as I called 20 times and they said no every time. Then the one I was trying to delete just disappeared 1 month prior to its fall off date.
  13. TU like clockwork I will be trying EX via phone to see if they are more helpful than online. EQ now is removing online one month prior to DOFD. I ended up disputing 3 months prior to 7 year fall off, but they only deleted 1 month prior.
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