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  1. If it’s a corporate account u are fine just don’t activate zelle
  2. Try Simple Bank Try BBVA Compass Try Lili
  3. I can confirm both chase and bank of the west will not run signers through chex or ews on “corporate accounts” and it is IRRELEVANT to them. I have also had my social entered into the system at 000-00-0000
  4. I have personally opened several corporate checking accounts as the main signer with EWS and Chex in the past 4 years. Bank of the west is the same way. They dont run the primary signer and in fact chase has put 000-00-000 as my Ss before as its irrelevant to them
  5. FYI I don't know what chapter corp u are but C-Corps are not ALLOWED to own property anyway
  6. Had issue with WEX last month where they wanted my bank to write letter of reference in order to keep account open after having it now almost 90 days, Bank wrote the letter and cards turned back on
  7. That doesn't make sense to me .i have nothing on my experian (or maybe I do now) and got a 200$!with quill
  8. Woke up this morning with a paydex of 80 and all those other scores now reflect my hard work. SO excited. Went from 2 trades last week on DnB to having 8 today. all good with highs of 1400. I hear a lot of home depot and lowes on here, but what direction can you steer an accountant with a business barely 2 years old that could be useful for cash flow crunches. I have two great gas cards and a nice line with reliable and quill now. but where else could I look for something really beneficial as far as trades I will be furnishing my office and preparing for tax season, so furniture could be good as far as trades.
  9. Well did I mention I thought the DnB was bipolar cause after all the smoke and mirrors I just checked my paydex to see I am officially at 80!!
  10. Interesting as I thought the exact same thing, However my 2nd corporation just got approved for its 1st trade today....whoo hooo
  11. OK, well i don't know what the hell happened today either, cause i just got an email from credit signal that every other scoring report dnb uses (not paydex, that's still 73, but those other things) has went to almost the lowest level. That doesn't make sense. I have all good trades, on time, but the one I disputed who i don't know what it is. Paydex is decent (73) but all my other scores drop????? i don't get it and i cant make this a full time job, and it seems dnb is sorta bipolar
  12. Ok, now guess what ... i got notified today my paydex has changed however i haven't has a paydex. so i went on dnb and yes now i do. I had two trades one cash one 50. today i got notified i have 6 trade lines and a paydex of 73. they are saying i have a 60 day slow pay from 4 months ago of a $50. i have no idea who it is so i disputed. I am a member of credit builder and verified...should i call dnb and ask? i think it may be vista print when i canceled their email marketing as i hit the button when i was checking out. i called the first time it showed up on checking account and told them no way and my bank approved my dispute. it was around that figure i think
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