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  1. I just switched to Tine Warner and yes it's a soft pull.
  2. NO THEY DO NOT. If you were denied and honestly think it was one (1) reason and nothing else, you are sorely mistaken. How many inquiries did you have for your last Citi denial? Quit reading myfico. YES THEY DO. That information is not from myfico, it is my own experience and I have the denial letters as proof. It is a very well known fact if you ever looked at one Citi thread on Flyertalk that anything over 6 inquiries in the last 6 months on the report Citi pulls has a much higher denial rate than approval rate. I'm basing this purely on that information and my experiences with Citi. Last denial I had 8 inquiries in the previous 6 months, 3 years AAOA, 6% utilization, no negatives. If the OP wants to consider that fine. If not, that's fine too. Chase and Amex have never cared less. Again my experience, not myfico's. If you actually read my original post, all I said was a number of people over there have reported being approved for two revolvers at the same time. I didn't say it was some ruling handed down by the Supreme Court.
  3. You can do one revolver and as many charge cards as they will give you. 3,4,5 is not out of the question FYI:1. Any time you preface a statement with MyFico, everything else is garbage. 2. Citi doesn't care about INQ's. Yes Citi very much cares about inquiries. My last denial was one (1) reason and nothing else; inquiries. Chase and Amex have never denied me for inquiries regardless of how many I've had.
  4. I've read a handful of people on MF that got two Amex revolvers but 99% of the time Amex won't approve two at once. I managed to get a Platinum Card and when it came back instant approved applied for SPG. One hard pull for a charger and a revolver. Appd within minutes of each other. I would go for the charger first, if approved, apply for the revolver you want second. Between Amex, Chase and Citi, Citi has always been hyper sensitive to inquiries for me. I would go Citi first, Chase second and Amex third.
  5. Congrats! How many inquiries do you have? They denied me for excessive inquiries last year but kept my membership open.
  6. Try the Cap1 prequalifier. If it returns a pre qualified card with EQ only un-frozen I'd jump on it then ditch that Credit One card. Discover would probably welcome you with open arms assuming you have no negs. They generally like clean reports and few cards to compete with. Are you already a member of Penfed and they denied a card? Or did they deny membership? My first app with Penfed was denied with a 780 EQ. So while 737 is a good score, there's other factors other than score that are considered. You should ask for reconsideration regardless, you have nothing to lose.
  7. I go my first Huntington Voice card a few years ago, it was manually reviews and approved for $10k (rewards version). Scores at the time were upper 700's and no prior relationship with the bank. About a year later I applied for the lower interest version (no rewards). It took them awhile to figure out why I wanted a second card but eventually it was approved for $10k limit but only 1% APR lower. The mobile app is kind of outdated and I need to log into the full site to process a payment from an external account. I don't think they do CLI much, if ever.
  8. Thanks man for the detailed information. So 2 inquries is worth the additional bonuses? It depends what you value; two cards or two bonuses.
  9. I think you're asking about Citi American Airlines cards? I would suggest reading the Flyertalk thread on it as there are hundreds of pages of datapoints available of other people's experiences. Like pointed out earlier, the best known rule for Citi applications is 1 every 8 days and no more than 2 every 60 days (65 to be safe), regardless of outcome (approved, cancelled or denied). There are additional rules for American Airlines cards that you must wait at least 18 months in between in order to get a second bonus. Up until recently there were two exceptions to that rule: 1) Executive AAdvantage 2) Business AAdvantage There are recent reports of people getting approved for the Executive AAdvantage numerous times but not getting the bonus. Business cards are usually good for applications every 90 days - some can churn easily while others (like me) can't get multiple Business cards. Amex Delta also has limitations. I waited 60 days from closing the Delta Gold and opening a Delta Platinum and managed to get both bonuses. You will not get both bonuses if you get two Amex Delta cards simultaneously. Hopefully this helps, but I would be less concerned about getting one inquiry for two cards than about getting the most possible bonuses.
  10. I get most of my Citi data from Flyertalk, there is years worth of data and while it's not 99% accurate, only death and taxes are. Anyways, if you are looking for a different Citi card like Hilton or Thank You, it's best to wait 8 days after your first application (regardless if it's approved, denied or cancelled). Then no more than two applications within 60 (65 to be safe) days. Again there are always exceptions, but your chances will be better following those rules.
  11. How did you get a member number online? DCU snail mails out your member number and also your PIN after your docs have been reviewed by a human. You're right, I applied to Logix at the same time and was thinking of that. Regardless, DCU said it was approved and when I got my Member number (in the mail as you pointed out), I was prompted to call Customer Service when I tried to log into the website. Even that was a 45 minute wait time with DCU.
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