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  1. Hello all!! here is my situation. I have a little over 20k in CC debt alone. Across 11 cards which are mostly maxed. For years I paid on time every time and now I’m slipping. I been paying late on some cards ( never 30 days late) I get hit with late fees which make my payments higher and I honestly can no longer keep up. I’ve never been reported late. My utilization is too high and my scores are too low to get balance transfer cards. I called Amex and asked about their hardship program. They said they would suspend my card not close it. And I would make payments for a specified amount of time and then they’d open me back up again and my credit line would be lower. Other cards will close out if I claim hardship. My situation is due to illness then unemployment and now under employment. I used to make twice as much before I fell ill. I’ve been talking to a debt consolidation company and they said if they negotiate settlement amount for me they will close all accounts but they can’t touch my accounts with my credit union. I know I can bounce back from anything as I have done in the past. I’m just wondering what you would do? i have 11 cards in total: a little over 20k im willing to do the pay down work but I can’t afford my payments i make about 2400 a month in bring home pay but I have bills of a person who makes three time as much. Any questions please reply.
  2. Yes I’m looking into a part time job that gets me about 1000 a month. I need the extra income to pay down these cards. This has been some great advice. I’m making my budget and paying down my debt. I thought closing out cards would reflect badly on my credit.
  3. Hello all!! I will try to make this as short and sweet as possible. I used to make much more money than what I am currently making. Never paid late on my cards until recently and I’m still never more than a few days late. My cards are all maxed out and it’s costing so much to keep up with everything. I thought about going on the hardship program with my cards but I think that might have a negative affect on my credit. My utilization is at 99%. I just don’t even know where to start. I would love to just work on getting the balances down because I feel like the hard work will stop me from charging the cards up again. I have 9 cards. And I have no lates reported as I’m never more than a few days late. GAP-200 JCP-500 CapOne-600 Citi-900 Walmart-1780 Macys-2700 Chase-3000 BCU-5000 Amex-5000 Any advice would be appreciated!!
  4. Nothing was paid to the provider and I never paid out of pocket at all. BCBS paid them nothing and made all checks out to me yes and an EOB was attached. So they did bill my medical insurance. But I will be taking your advice. Thank you very kindly. I appreciate you!!!
  5. Hello Creditboards, In March 2018 I fell very ill and I was in the hospital for congestive heart failure. While I was in the hospital a nurse came in and gave me a devise to wear to monitor my heart (little did I know she was not employed by the hospital). I did not know at the time that this devise was not prescribed my the physicians in the hospital (it was nice to use but not prescribed). And I also did not know that my insurance was being billed $3500 each month for this device. I wore the device for about 5 days. Every time i went to see my doctor I told him I was not wearing the device. On March 30th 2018 I lost my job while on disability. At that point the bottom began to fall out in my life. All bills were due and began to be LATE on some bills. Every month i was receiving EOB's from my insurance company and I was not even opening them. Well one day I opened one and there was a check attached. This check was for the services of the life vest device. I cashed the checks (I found a few more) and I never sent a payment to the Life vest company. I sent the life vest back in June. After which the began to bill me for the full amount, (not what the insurance company paid) I totally understand this is common practice in order to get me to pay what was sent to me. I used to work for a company that manufactured bone healing stimulators. Someone would go to the hospital and place one on a patients leg if the had a broken bone and had surgery. When the patient woke up it was there. The patient would most likely throw the thing in a closet once they were well. All the while they were bin billed $5000 for the device and I would call them asking for payment and they would always say, "you can have this thing back!" Anyway i've been sent to collections but they havent' reported it to the credit bureaus yet (just checked). My question is does anyone have any advice other than the obvious which would be to get on a payment plan for what my insurance company paid and start negotiating. I will do this if no other great ideas come thru. Thanks and have a great day!!!
  6. Thank you for the great advice. I am a married woman and I got into this debt by shopping like there was no tomorrow. In order to learn a lesson you have to recognize your wrongs. My husband keeps his cards under 30% utilization and is much better with his money. We are coming toward the end of the year and may have another tax bill so although the tax debt is not affecting our credit. It is a bill that we both want to be gone. We hate having a bill with them. Based on all of your advice I have figured out what I’m going to do. Although BCU and Amex are the highest balances. They don’t have the highest interest. I am going to pay off all the cards in full except Amex and BCU. I have an excellent payment history. I have never paid late. I also have other types of credit. I am saying that to explain that the debt to income ratio is holding me down. I have to take one for the team and pay off the taxes and throw my extra money at Amex and BCU and the next lump sum will go to them and there just might be another lump real soon. The most important thing is that I keep these balances paid down and do not spend. That’s the focus right now. ☺️
  7. OMG you guy are so smart!!! I am asking this because I need help and I’m trying to find my way so I think you!!! I appreciate all of your input even the jokes. 😘
  8. I’m paying my tax debt off because it is a monthly bill that is killing the house hold. With respect to income my income was much higher than my hubby’s and he is now paying this tax debt on his own. So I will have 8k to pay down my credit card debt with. I would like to use that to pay down debt because once I start making money again I will purchase a home. I don’t plan on getting into a deeper hole. We currently pay all our bills on time, however I am the one in the relationships with the lower score due to my poor spending habits in the past. I have since learned from them and would like to know how a savvy credit expert like some of you credit boards members would allocate 8k not 11.7 k. If you still think I should do PIF with the 8k should I pay the highest interest card off or pay it down? Thank you all that have replied.
  9. First, Happy Saturday All!!! I hope I have placed the topic in the correct forum. Hi, I respect the opinions of the people here on credit boards and I really need some advice. I have my 2017 tax debt that Im paying on right now. It was $4400 and it is now down to about $3800. I am also $17, 840.60 in credit card debt. I am currently out of work on disability. My fixed income has allowed me to make my credit card payments on time and also keep up my payment plan for paying off my tax debt. I am married and my husband does work and he is paying some of the tax debt but he and I do not pay each other’s credit card bills. This money that I am coming to is personal money that I will not have to pay income tax on. I am going to receive $11, 700. My immediate thought was to pay my tax debt off straight away. And his is most likely what I will be doing. Now I will be left with about $8000. Here is the breakdown of my credit card debt. How should I allocate this 8K. My debt to income ratio will improve by 8 k no matter how I allocate the money but I need my credit score to go up. Amex - $5000 Limit, $4947.74 Balance (maxed) 20.99% interest BCU - $5000 Limit, $4923.51 Balance (maxed) 16.5 % Chase - $3000 Limit, $2783.96 Balance (Maxed) 0% until 10/6/18 then 25.49% Macys - $2700 Limit, $2200 Balance, 26.99% Walmart - $1780 Limit, $1679.39 Balance, 24.65% Citi - $900 Limit, $649.25 Balance, no interest until 4/11/19 Cap One - $600 Limit, $515 Balance, 24.65 % JC Penny - $500 Limit, $100 Balancce, high interest Gap - $200 Limit, $35 balance, high Interest HOW SHOULD I ALLOCATE? I want everyone who reads this to know that I will not pay down my debt just to spend on these cards again. I have learned my lesson and I want financial freedom more that I want “things” at this point in my life. Thank you so very much for your advice on this.
  10. Hello everyone, So my husband and I went to see a mortgage counselor and we put in an application for a FHA loan. We were approved. However on the approval notice there are potential red flags. My husband has none, they are all on me. I have a tax lien from two state agencies and they are both super old. Actually slated to fall of my credit this year but at the end of the year. Anyway, my question is if I set up a payment plan with these state agencies and show proof of this, would this be good enough for the underwriter? Both Agencies have sent mail asking me to set up a payment plan. Id like to settle with a lump sum of cash but I really need to use the money for a down payment. Please advise?? BTW the mortgage counselor menetioned that the payment plan might be doable
  11. ICANHASMUNY? I want to thank you! I will take your advice.
  12. I think creditboards is a great resource but a lot of times you get replies from people who are being condescending. Just sayin ;(
  13. Thank you Sandscript. I will look at a copy of my CR. I believe it was a hard pull because I was alerted about it but of course I could be wrong.
  14. What I mean by stating that I was trying to open a business loan is, this was their reason for the HP. I was alerted about a HP. And the reason stated "business loan" And I have not recently applied for any mortgage or business loan.
  15. I got an alert from credit sesame that a company called Southland Acquisition put an inquiry on my credit report stating that I was trying to get a business loan which is false. I was wondering if anyone out there knows what can be done to remove this and take some action. I feel robbed. Also not sure who they're working for.

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