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  1. So i called and they want me to send snail mail my SS, (stressed on front and and back) copy of my ID and utility bill or bank statement So much or quick call and remove fraud alert.
  2. Chris58, When i login to my Barclay website, i have banner with this message Important security alertPlease contact Customer Service as soon as possible at 1-888-232-0780. Transaction activity on your account and online access will be limited until we are able to speak with you.
  3. yes, activated online and called twice. First they transfer to account specialist, and then hold after verification. I have Amex Everyday, blue cash and discover, no issues
  4. Hi CB, Why do Barclay card makes it so difficult to activate there card, after security verification they want you to hold for extended period of time. Over 15 mins. I applied for Barclay US Air 2 months ago, have already called them twice cleared security and info verification and same banner to call customer service for verification. Frustrating, i have cards with higher limit. Very close to closing this card and tell them to save your $ 4000
  5. I tried and called them 2 years in a row. no go
  6. Thank you Credit board members for a wealth of information. It's time to say good bye. Relieved after closing accounts. Merrick Bank ( July 2008) Limit: 1650 Annual Fee 96.00 Merrick Bank ( Hooters Card) ( Sep 2008) Limit: 1100 Annual Fee: 96.00 Capital One ( Feb 2009) Limit: 1000 Annual fee: 39:00
  7. Congrats, had my Amex every day for alomst 2 months now and love it. Will request Cli on 61 day
  8. Hallelujah, Auto CLI for cap one platinum of $1500. First in 6 years

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