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  1. I applied for Lowes online and got approved for $2000. Live Chat I asked for $17K got approved. I have a BK2010
  2. Thanks! I'm guessing that you have been mostly lurking on CB based on your post count. If you start posting here, you can get feedback that can really move you in the right direction. Don't be shy about it. Thanks I have been getting help for my partner's credit from WhyChat in the Medical Forum. After that is finished I will be needing help on other issues for his. Thanks!!!
  3. Great News!!! I read this thread many times. Congrats!!!
  4. That's what I saw also, hence the question. I have Walmart @ $7800 and BK that is 5yrs old. Plus other CC. I know that Synchrony can be temperamental...sometimes.
  5. Ok I understand that. I guess Experian would be better for me because a judgement isn't on there. The credit pulls data base doesn't show much updated info for Florida for 2015.
  6. Ive read that applying for Lowes in store uses Experian. Which is better online or in store.
  7. Yep it is on the report as Consumer Disputes this acct info,Medical Do send anything to the CA?
  8. They didn't send a full report just a sheet of the investigation and it says ADDITIONAL INFO: Consumer Disputes this account information
  9. They said they researched the collection account and the results were verified and that this item belongs to you! Ok I will check backdoor.
  10. Haven't received anything back from the CRA's, however checked CK and on TU in the comments for the CA it said"Meets FCRA requirements"
  11. Are the addresses for the CRA's on the initial dispute to the CRA's still good? On my reports they are different

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