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  1. Joseph Just get a couple of these to keep in the car
  2. A credit card designed specifically for the LGBT movement! Use the EqualityCard® Visa with pride to generate donations equal to 1% of your purchases to the LGBT nonprofit organization of your choice, with no out-of-pocket cost to you!.....http://www.equalitycardproject.com/
  3. I've decide to not let my Amex products play together...kind of like how you separate the explosives from the blasting caps. I was thinking the same thing why risk a FR or closure use other CCC
  4. In case you cant get through to CS Your husband is qualified to join with out his father joining then you are qualified to join.
  5. He is a member here to (doctorofcredit) but doesn't that often.
  6. Original post here http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=541172&hl=
  7. The three biggest companies that collect and disseminate credit information on more than 200 million Americans will change the way they handle errors and list unpaid medical bills as part of the broadest industry overhaul in more than a decade....http://www.wsj.com/articles/credit-reporting-giants-agree-to-overhaul-1425873884
  8. A new REI MasterCard will replace your existing REI Visa card and you’ll enjoy the same rates and payment due dates you’ve had with your REI Visa card. With the new REI MasterCard, earn 2% back2 on groceries through March 2016 for a bigger dividend than ever. As always, you’ll continue to earn 5% back1 at REI and1% back3 everywhere else you use your REI MasterCard....http://www.rei.com/creditcard
  9. FICO auto-enhanced credit scores are available now to.
  10. Are you a member already? if not their are plenty off other good secured cards to start with.
  11. It didn't take long for fraud to find its way Apple Pay Some banks are seeing a growing incidence of fraud on Apple’s mobile-payment service as criminals exploit vulnerabilities in the verification process of adding a credit card, according to people familiar with the matter......http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/03/03/fraud-comes-to-apple-pay/?mod=mktw
  12. Chase is rolling out sleek new ATM's and an online payment platform check out the technology - and security - behind the bank's upgraded "Branch of the Future."....http://money.cnn.com/video/news/2015/02/27/chase-branch-future-atm-mobile-pay.cnnmoney/index.html
  13. I was able to join since I live with my girlfriend who is a member. When I told them how I was eligible, they requested a copy of the lease with both of our names listed on it. I'm not saying to break any rules. If you were to room with your cousin you would be legitimately eligible. Once a member always a member applies too. Does your cuz need a roomie? Once a member always a member Does not apply to NFCU for instance if you separate from active duty and close your account then your are no longer qualified for membership.
  14. The statement closing date is on your paper bill or online in the statements section look for...Statement Closing Date
  15. Citigroup Inc. reached a deal to issue most of its global consumer credit and debit cards on MasterCard Inc.’s network. As part of a 10-year agreement, New York-based Citigroup will start to shift more of its consumer business to MasterCard this year, the companies said in a statement Wednesday. The bank said it will continue to issue co-brand and commercial cards on other networks. The terms weren't disclosed...http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-04/citigroup-reaches-10-year-deal-with-mastercard-on-consumer-cards
  16. Clear all your cookies and try it again its a browser /internet problem.
  17. As always, Credit Grunt™ is doing the grunt work to make credit and travel more accessible to all
  18. Last AR was on Dec 31st for most members next AR should be March 31st wait until the first week of April to hit the luv button.
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