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  1. eCredable Is a alternative credit reporting agency,That creates a credit report based on bills individuals routinely pay, but are not reported to the national credit bureaus. By verifying payments on things such as rent, utilities, child care, insurance and mobile phones.To Verify 1 paid bill it will Cost YOU $20.00 :dntknw: And there AMP credit report cost's $80.00-$100.00 :swoon:

  2. The program is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2015. Holders of a Synchrony Bank-issued Newegg Store Card will be able to enjoy special financing options, with a range of consumer financing terms for up to 36 months based on purchase. The Newegg Store Card will also extend exclusive offers at Newegg.com for individual consumers and at NeweggBusiness.com, for a paid-in-full commercial credit program for small businesses...http://www.marketwatch.com/story/synchrony-financial-and-top-e-retailer-newegg-introduce-two-new-consumer-and-business-financing-programs-2015-07-13

  3. Ally announced that its auto consumers will soon have easier access to important account and credit information online. Beginning July 19, Ally will add customers' annual percentage rate (APR) to their online account profiles and provide them their FICO ® Score. The company has also launched a secure email feature on the site to help customers send and receive account information and documents quickly and safely...https://media.ally.com/2015-07-08-Ally-to-Offer-APR-FICO-Score-and-Secure-Email-for-Auto-Consumers

  4. A growing subset of identity theft is government identity theft or tax fraud. Thieves will try to use a stolen Social Security number to claim a child who is not theirs on their tax return. They will then file for the Earned Income Tax Credit and other tax credits to garner a higher tax refund. Any problems you can contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at (800) 908-4490 and visit irs.gov/identitytheft.

  5. Visa and MasterCard said this week that they will no longer let cardholders make any purchase on the classified advertising website, which is best known for its mature content. The move was prompted by a campaign waged by Sheriff Tom Dart, of Cook County, Illinois. Dart sent letters to both companies alleging that the classified ad website is used for sex trafficking and prostitution. He estimates Backpage generates over $100 million in revenue annually from adult advertising.....http://money.cnn.com/2015/07/02/news/visa-mastercard-backpage-prostitution/


    Flying out to Great Lakes this Wednesday to see my step son graduate navy bootcamp. Can't wait, hopefully we get some time with him before he fly's off to A-School. 30 years ago is when I joined the Marines :)

    And you let him be a squid? :P


    Lol a lot of Jarheads are members here :good:





    Have you checked to see where your current fico scores sit?

    765 Trans Union, 761 Equifax and 793 Experian

    0 INQ on all 3 bureaus

    Amex BCE

    Chase Freedom


    TBH, you should be able to get pretty much any prime card with those scores.


    Also, with those scores, you should call each one of your current card issuers and ask for a CLI.

    thank you Tampa. Do I have to complete another application to request a credit line increase on my current cards? The Citibank one usually increases on its own once a year. The USAA has increased twice since I got it when I was 19. I've never had an increase from Navy Federal.

    I would not waste an inquiry on anyone except NFCU until you app for new cards.


    Request $25K with NFCU


    Call Citi and ask if a soft pull CLI is available on your account.


    App for your new cards.


    CLI on USAA


    OP you might have a SP CLI pending on your NFCU acct already request 25k online via the website.

  8. American Express loses emergency bid to block U.S. card injunction A federal appeals court on Tuesday rejected American Express Co's emergency request to halt an injunction that requires the company to let merchants steer customers toward lower-cost cards offered by competitors....http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/06/16/american-express-antitrust-idUSL1N0Z22HT20150616

  9. Update, my ex wouldn't join so called NFCU and they said the easiest way is to get her dependent card and it's done. I will be her joint since minor and she double checked on that. Will probably go ahead and get my son an account too

    once your daughter turns 18 she can sponsor you to join. :good:

  10. Very good idea to have your daughter join NFCU her dad doesn't have to be a member for her to join but its advisable for him to join first. And their is a $50.00 promo going on this month.

  11. The Obama administration is scrambling to assess the impact of a massive data breach, suspected to have originated in China, involving the agency that handles security clearances and employee records, U.S. officials said Thursday.

    U.S. officials told NBC News that, so far, the breach doesn't appear to be the "worst-case scenario" — compromise and disclosure of the identities of the covert CIA agents. But they said the breach — which exploited a "zero day" vulnerability, meaning one that was previously unknown — could be the biggest cyberattack in U.S. history, potentially affecting every agency of the U.S. government.....http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/u-s-officials-massive-breach-federal-personnel-data-n370096

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