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  1. the secured loan also called a (credit builder loan) shouldn't be a hard pull ask first my local CU didn't check anything took 2 minutes to fill out ap started reporting to CRA's two weeks later.

  2. some eye candy for the members...

    Sberbank Visa Infinite Gold Cardsolid-gold-credit-card-595x396-300x199.j

    Requirement: By invitation only to the top 100 customers of Kazakhstan’s Sberbank. You would need to pay a fee of $100,000 (RM318,290) for the first year, and $2,000 (RM6,366) for per year.

    Dubai First Royale MasterCard


    Requirement: By invitation only to the super rich living in UAE. Only 9 are made a day so don’t bet your chances at getting one of these. Typical members are Arabian royalty and oil tycoons.

    JP Morgan Palladium Card jp-morgans-palladium-credit-card-300x190

    Requirement: By invitation only to members of JP Morgan private banking client. You need a minimum of $5 million assets in their bank to be a member, while average customers reportedly have $25 million. Annual fee is only $595.

    American Express Centurion


    Requirement: By invitation only to those who spend at least $250,000 annually on one of the American Express’s cards. Annual fee is $2,500 per year with a one-time initiation fee of $5,000.

    Coutts World Cardcoutts-purple-card-300x210.jpg

    Requirement: By invitation only to the respectable and wealthy of the British society. You would need to have at least $800,000 disposable funds for your application to be considered. Charge at least $80,000 to your card annually, and the $560 annual fee would be waived.


  3. Target on Friday extensively revised the number of customers whose personal information was stolen in a widespread data hack during the holiday season, bringing the total to from 70 million to 110 million people.

    According to new information gleaned from its investigation with the Secret Service and the Department of Justice, Target said on Friday that criminals also took non-credit card related data for some 70 million shoppers who could have made purchases at Target stores outside the late Nov. to mid-Dec. timeframe. Some overlap exists between the two data sets, the company said Friday.

  4. NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Target’s pre Christmas breach was significantly more extensive and affected millions more shoppers than the company reported last month.

    The nation’s second largest discounter said Friday 1/10/2014 that hackers stole personal information, including names, phone numbers as well as email and mailing addresses, from as many as 70 million customers as part of a data breach

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