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  1. op the heat gun is a great idea if that didn't work try your microwave! i usually just sign my cards with a big X
  2. maybe they don't mind us cleaning up our reports anymore
  3. that looks like half the people on the nyc subway....lol
  4. fixmycredit2013 has plenty of time while on vacation to fix his credit now
  5. have you tried contacting the dealer maybe he misplaced the check?
  6. Of course applying for a bunch of credit cards at once can make your current creditors nervous. People's credit lines have been cut or cancelled. Anyway, if one wants to do this, has there been a study where somebody had ten computers in front of them, lets say at the library, with nine other friends to help him? They had the applications all filled out, and they all pressed the "submit" button at exactly the same time. If all the creditors used instant approval, the credit agencies' databases might not be able to update quick enough to show inquiries from one nano-second ago. Also, the person applying for credit this way would be extremely unlucky if all used the same credit bureau. i can actually see the op trying to talk the librarian into this idea..
  7. fixmycredit2013 is were fixmycredit92 will be in 22years if he dont listen to everybody here trying to HELP him.. ? i am not really sure what that is supposed to mean. If he only has one baddie ( from having a 5000 medical insurance deductible like me ) in 22 years then he will be doing good. But planning on financing a move and all his bills on credit, I suspect he will not be where I am , he will be somewhere FAR worse just a joke on the dates
  9. if you keep your WF secured card open after ten years they to will send you a birthday gift
  10. Correct. I'm not "spreing" again until I can at least generate a fico score and it's decent. I want Discover It, Walmart Discover, Chase FreeDOM Y TWO DISCOVER CARDS MAY I ASK?
  11. fixmycredit2013 is were fixmycredit92 will be in 22years if he dont listen to everybody here trying to HELP him..
  12. myfico has one but he needs a referral..
  13. fmc there are way better secured cards out there some don't even check credit history state dept fcu& bluesky cc and a few that graduate WF, BofA,CITI,and USBANK plus many credit unions that also DON'T check CHEX systems..good luck
  14. Sure. I described this here http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=521986&p=4963166, but I'm happy to help with any questions if you have them after reading that post. THANK YOU cant get any simpler then that! thought it was some lab based scientific process..lol
  15. I was able to get the FIA analyst to pull Equifax for the Fidelity Amex .... would care to share ?
  16. no you don't have to wait call customer service also PC means= product change to 1,2,3 cash rewards.
  17. congrats on the BofA secured you can PC it to 1,2,3 cash rewards call customer service -FIA card services at 855-359-9459 and the best part the cash rewards doesn't show secured on your credit reports.
  18. there are some great pinned & master threads on that mumbo jumbo they were speaking
  19. the writings on the wall read- read-read
  20. President Barack Obama says he thinks marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol you can buy booze with CC why not weed
  21. Raymond Specht | LinkedIn try there.. Not all that familiar with linkedin, but seems that the only way to contact him is through InMail, which is a pay service? Toyota Financial Savings Bank 2485 Village View Drive, Ste. 200, Henderson, NV 89704 477-2170 • ToyotaFinancialDealerBanking.com if this don't help GOOGLE his name
  22. With Experian, hard inquiries will drop off your credit report at the end of the month following two years. With TransUnion and Equifax the hard inquiries will fall off exactly two years later The good news is that they can only affect your FICO for a maximum of 12 months (if they have any impact at all). If there is an impact it’s primarily during the first 6 months

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