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  1. A shotgun is the PREFERRED home defense weapon cant beat the stopping power. you DONT want to use a high powered rifle inside your home there are over penetration issues going through a wall and hitting a family member or a neighbor there are many good videos on shotguns on youtube and there are magazine fed shotguns a vepr 12 is one. hope this helps
  2. have you tried to get the owner to self finance with a attractive down payment and % rate I seen owner financing many times for vacant land.
  3. B* MASTER threads... you have been a member since 2006 you should know !
  4. you can split the $3000 evenly between penfed and dcu and have the two reporting I would have it automatically paid every month from checking or savings. and double check that payments were made.
  5. There argument was that because they were closed accounts the creditor stopped reporting. I said so your telling me 8 different creditors stopped reporting all on the same exact day... uh huh. A few of the counts were only 4 or 5 years old. so idk, i'm thinking my chances of getting them back are pretty slim These asswipes told me the tradelines were removed by the creditors and to contact them. The creditors told me that they neither remove or add closed tradelines. My EQ scores languish in the 710-725 range because of AAOA loss despite being clean. TU around 800 and is clean. EX is about 720 with BK7 showing (almost 10 yr old now). These asswipes? No, the EQ ones are non-flusable. EXPERIAN'S wipes are stickied and non-flushable
  6. A store card like walmart with a free fico will definitely thicken his THIN file and that CC doesn't stay a toy limit card for very long. to bad it cant be had by the shopping cart trick
  7. a good RFID blocking wallet or CC sleeve would definitely help stop the skim.
  8. you can try the shopping cart trick to pickup a couple of store cards to help the building (thickening) process..goodluck
  9. you never know its better to be safe then sorry you can always thaw them for a UW/CA to take a peek.
  10. www.consumerfinance.gov/complaintdatabase/ [http://www.uspirgedfund.org/reports/usf/credit-cards-consumer-complaints],
  11. More than 5,000 complaints against Capital One were filed with the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau between November 2011 and September 2013. However, the company certainly wasn't the only one consumers complained about. Ten card issuers accounted for 93 percent of the credit card complaints made to the bureau. All told, the CFPB received more than 25,000 complaints about credit cards in that two-year period. the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, an advocacy organization, sliced and diced those numbers to determine which companies got the most complaints and why consumers were upset. In terms of actual numbers, the following are the companies garnering the most complaints. Capital One — 5,265 complaints. Citibank — 4,514 complaints. Bank of America — 3,320 complaints. Chase — 3,176 complaints. GE Capital Retail — 2,087 complaints. However, if you consider the number of complaints a company receives compared with its purchase volume, you get a slightly different picture. When purchase volume is considered, these three companies had the highest complaint ratio: GE Capital Retail — 88 complaints per $1 billion in purchase volume. Capital One — 46 complaints per $1 billion in purchase volume. Barclays — 25 complaints per $1 billion in purchase volume. What makes customers mad In addition to breaking down complaints by company, U.S. PIRG looked at why consumers were complaining. According to that analysis, billing disputes were the No. 1 reason customers complained to the CFPB. Overall, in terms of the percentage of complaints, the following were the top five categories. Billing disputes — 16 percent. APR or interest rate — 10 percent. Identity theft, fraud or embezzlement — 7 percent. Credit reporting — 7 percent. Closing or canceling an account — 7 percent.
  12. check your state and city BAR association should find a few there
  13. were do I apply I will make them a offer they can't REFUSE...
  14. a good real estate attorney with experience in new construction will definitely help... good luck
  15. kool experiment shows how important utilization is I am guessing between 780-790 with 1% UTI
  16. Motorcycles are perfectly safe, it's the other drivers that you have no control over. I have lost enough friends to this that I am in total agreement with TDJ. Statistically, most motorcycle wrecks are the fault of the rider. Here in Vegas we have a hot-rodder crotch-rocket fatality every week. Typically it is a 20/something who drives his bike into an off-ramp divider at about 100 mph. With the maneuverability and quickness a bike rider possesses how can it not be his fault? There is a reason ER staff call motorcycle riders "organ donors". while were on this terrible subject life insurance isn't a bad idea after you pay down your debt...congratulations and good luck
  17. manning has been great for the sport a true sportsman....GO BRONCOS
  18. and if the above info cant get you approved you might need a secured card there are a few with out hard pulls.sdfcu, bluesky,...good luck
  19. what's a D*Date? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk D* date is your member since date which you can backdate to your original MSD.
  20. there are secured cards that graduate in a certain time frame usually 12-18 months CITI,BofA,WF,US.BANK are a few that graduate to unsecured.
  21. there are PLENTY of detailed master threads on these two subjects.
  22. take a look here Southern Maine Real Estate Investors Association..good luck

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