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  1. good to hear that bro the VA should start a credit repair program ...lol
  2. fight the fight brother I see you learned a lot maybe you can start to help other vets in your area!
  3. cap ones new slogan..... PIMPIN AINT EASY WITH OUT A CAP ONE CLI
  4. you can request your grandfather's DD214 from EVETRECS.GOV if it says retired you are eligible if its just says honorably discharged with out the retirement coding your aren't eligible through him.
  5. the current navy promo is $200 for opening a IRA
  6. as a member and share owner I would say PAY it since NFCU is owned by its members.
  7. Stock Secured Loans some credit unions do these type of loans at 6% up to 60 months... DCU IS ONE Borrow against stock you own for any purpose Borrow up to 70% of the 52-week low price NYSE and NASDAQ-listed stocks Terms up to 10 years
  8. EBAY, craigslist ,Google mobility scooters.
  9. It's not my "life savings" it's just a portion of money that I'm willing to let go! I was lost my job with Apple instead of transferring to another state, so I rather use stocks than cash saved to pay off this debt. Paying it would allow me to go to grad school which is my goal! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk you can hedge your shares for the short term with some different option strategies you should speak with a investment advisor at E-TRADE
  10. if your apple shares are with a brokerage firm would a margin loan work for you 6-7% int lately
  11. also look into the couple of secured cards that graduate to unsecured.. BofA, wellsfargo are a few...good luck
  12. not sure if navy reports SECURED on their secured loans to the CRBs you might not want that on your report for the next ten years as another member stated in a early post
  13. 2/11/14 Navy FCU (Finance other than personal) - TU this one was defiantly for membership. they pull TU for majority of new members.
  14. navcheck they don't call it that anymore just CLOC is a line of credit up 15,000$ max
  15. my local small CU 2,500 members has the same loan with no credit check and 2,00% min $500 and a quick look others in the area have the same type requirements low interest no credit check no app fee for members so I don't think that ABCO CU is a good deal
  16. for heavy metals... juice dark leafy green vegetables organic if available and lemon water I did this after leaving the military and felt much better but you need to do a cleanse 2-4 times a year for best results http://www.naturalnews.com/036920_superfoods_detox_chemtrails.html#
  17. are you in a NFA friendly state you can do a nfa firearms trust then legally own a SBR or short barreled shotgun. that kit looks kool. but I don't know about moving the trigger control group forward like that? if your going to use it for home defense you want something 100% reliable.
  18. how did he get your fathers info? ...my guess is he was stealing his mail might be a federal offense here to...good luck
  19. I would stay away from the bullpup style shotguns kel-tec, ksg ,etc they JAM way to much. REMINGTON, MOSSBERG & BERETTA all used by the us military and law enforcement agencies.

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