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  1. PHILADELPHIA (AP) - The head of a payday lending enterprise accused of charging more than 700 percent interest on short-term loans was indicted Thursday on federal racketeering charges.Charles M. Hallinan, 75, led a group that preyed on customers while taking in nearly $700 million from 2008 to 2013, according to the indictment. According to prosecutors, he tried to evade state consumer protection laws by looping in Native American tribes as the supposed lenders so they could claim tribal immunity from state regulations and deflect class-action lawsuits...... http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/apr/7/feds-payday-lender-charged-700-percent-interest-on/

  2. lg-white-card.jpg

    Remember Coin, the electronic card that promised to replace your credit cards, debit cards and rewards cards? Yeah, it was a flop, but LG is now reportedly cooking up a similar version of the all-in-one payment card.

    The credit-card-like device will reportedly be called LG Pay White Card, according to a report by ETNews. Like Coin and Plastc, the White Card will be able to store several credit, debit and rewards cards. A LEAKED PHOTO OF THE SO-CALLED WHITE CARD (SHOWN ABOVE) SHOWS A CARD WITH A SIMPLE LCD TO DISPLAY WHICH CARD IS SELECTED, AS WELL AS BUTTONS TO SWITCH BETWEEN THE CARDS. THE CONTACTS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE CARD ARE USED FOR CHARGING THE WHITE CARD, WHICH REQUIRES A SEPARATE CHARGER....mashable.com



    Doesn't www.savvymoney.com do that also?

    Anyone have a comparison between wallethub.com and savvymoney.com?


    These sound good, especially daily info, and I will check them out.


    I already have CK, credit.com, CS and Quizzle. Quizzle is totally useless, and CS is mostly redundant if you have CK. I regret some of these, and I want to "thin the herd". Anyone know how to delete some of these accounts?


    So I want to check it's worthwhile before signing up for even more (though daily info is hard to resist). Is wallethub.com living up to expectations?




    I'm looking at the savvymoney.com website. Please correct me if I'm wrong with any of my information.


    It looks like all they give you only monthly credit score, which is VantageScore I would guess? It does not give you a copy of your credit report. Is that correct?


    Also, I looked through the T&C, but I couldn't find anywhere that stated which CRA they are pulling the information from.


    Savymoney.com pulls Transunion https://www.savvymoney.com/blog/quickstart-guide/savvymoney-credit-score-transunion/


    WalletHub recently became the first website to offer free Vantage credit scores and full credit report from Transunion that is updated on a daily basis, and this week 1/20/2016 expanded the offering from the beta trial to all customers..WalletHub.com

    How much?


    Vantage Skores are not quite worthless but close. Too bad B* is dead and buried.


    Its Free :good: It might of made a good daily puller for B* :(

  5. WalletHub recently became the first website to offer free Vantage credit scores and full credit report from Transunion that is updated on a daily basis, and this week 1/20/2016 expanded the offering from the beta trial to all customers..WalletHub.com

  6. I haven't seen it listed here before.


    AMEX will waive AF's for everyone on active duty, even the Army.


    So start churning the AMEX cards that present the best signup offers.

    Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, and Citibank. also waive AF's for active duty.

  7. My personal favorites

    Mossberg 500 with rifled ported slug barrel leopold scope. ..accurate at 190 yards


    10-22 ruger iron sights 4 50 round banana clips. ..for crop dusting


    Forgot to add new pointer 10...for those close quarter situations


    I use banana clips in my hair. Also, my speaker to receiver wire.


  8. $100 intro credit line will increase to $500 after first 5 monthly payments are made on time If you miss any of your first 5 monthly payments, your account will be closed. Credit bureau reporting will begin after you make your first 5 monthly payments on time No Annual fee APR 24.9% Unable to link to page at this time!






    Dont know about these companies, but the govt can track your phone, listen to your microphone etc even with your phone turned off.

    There's even talks that they record all phone conversations. ALL OF THEM. It's well known that every phone call in the Bahamas, Caymans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran are recorded. I'm sure it goes deeper.

    If the radio is off, the phone cannot be tracked, period. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling paranoia.

    You are ABSOLUTELY wrong: http://money.cnn.com/2014/06/06/technology/security/nsa-turn-on-phone/

    No, I am ABSOLUTELY right. That article is about a hack that simulates power down. The radio would still be on in that case, so the phone could be tracked. Unless you are a "high value target" such as a druglord or a terrorist, the government is not going to waste resources tracking you like that. As for me, I've lived at the same address for over a decade. If Uncle Sam wants to talk to me, they know exactly where to find me.


    Again, if the radio is really off, such as if you pulled the battery, then the phone cannot be tracked. You cannot violate the laws of physics.

    If you pull the battery, which can't be done on lots of phones. Remember, the phone power button is a soft switch, not a hard switch.


    I know what we were capable of in 2004-2006 to defeat IED emplacement teams. It's not as simple as powering off the phone, and it doesn't require adding malware to the phone.


    We had embedded NSA spooks...


    The link I posted isn't where I am getting my knowledge base, it was just an easy example to post.



    Fake cell sites to stop insurgents? That works. 8541 works pretty well, too. :grin:


    :rofl: SS 0317

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