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  1. You can call and have the Signature benefit add to the card since its at 5k
  2. I have TU EQ EXP frozen and still receive Fico scores from credit card co's.
  3. I am a member and completely support this effort this would be a great benefit to all NFCU members.
  4. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China USA, has not started issuing credit cards in the US yet. I was told that late in the third quarter of 2016 they will begin issuing them verified by two other branches.
  5. Go in and ask them for an app. Roger That report back Monday Please ask for three. I'll buy two from you and gift one of those to Hege. lol No Charge if they don't give them to me I am sending a Asian in
  6. Go in and ask them for an app. Roger That report back Monday
  7. I am within minutes of two of their branches if i can help with anything let me know.
  8. To qualify i believe it says Is someone in YOUR household already a Navy Federal member.
  9. Over the weekend I had some employees and friends like the picture for you it should be close to 20+ likes if the contest is still on next weekend I will take another wack at it.
  10. When banks, credit unions or credit card companies use to ask me security question one address would always be asked but i never lived there. Also when i checked my name in some data bases's that address would appear to I pulled Tu, EXP & EQ the addy wasn't on them. until I pulled Innovis and found it their I disputed it and had deleted and its never been asked since.
  11. Foolish man give wife grand piano. Wise man give wife upright organ.
  12. Their is a $100.00 personal checking acct bonus for opening a new acct and if you have one of their CC's u get a extra 10% on your cash reward points.
  13. NFCU is so good about extending credit i don't think many people wait for a pre-approval
  14. People Express from the early 80's was close to a Military Hop
  15. Details Get a 1X bonus of 10,000 Membership Rewards® points by using your enrolled card to make a single transaction of $500 or more for a prepaid hotel booking at AmexTravel.com by 6/21/16. Excludes the Fine Hotels & Resorts. See terms for additional exclusions...Must Enroll Card
  16. Good Afternoon Thanks for calling Bank of America's Credit Analyst /Under Writing Dept what can BofA do for you today a CLI, a PC, Combine Limit's, APR Reduction, Waive annual Fee.
  17. On Tuesday, credit card network Visa announced plans to offer an update to Point of Sale (POS) systems to make using an EMV chip-enabled card faster at the checkout line. (EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the creators of the credit card specification.) Visa is calling the new specification “Quick Chip,” and it says it will bring the time it takes for a terminal to read the card’s chip down to two seconds.... http://arstechnica.com/business/2016/04/magnetic-stripe-cards-were-insecure-but-fastvisa-says-chip-cards-can-compete/
  18. Have you looked in to Renting the photo equipment
  19. What are you scores? you could always PG (personal guarantee) a business credit card.
  20. Request your 3 credit reports for free once per year from Trasunuion,Experian,& Equifax here at https://www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action have paper copies sent to your home they are the most accurate.
  21. The government of Shanghai says that under new rules residents who fail to visit their elderly parents will get black marks on their credit records.....http://english.caixin.com/2016-04-11/100930680.html
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