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  1. Hey all, I have a unique opportunity to potentially get a lot of baddies removed off of TU. Back in May 2013 someone else's name and address appeared on my CR with TU - nothing else, must have been a merge upon credit pull. I have no middle name, it added theirs. Their address was added. I disputed all previous addresses except for the new one online and they were removed. I want to go ahead and dispute all my bads since all the bads aren't linked to me now in their system, but online (no lecture please) won't let me do a new dispute until 30 days from now so I planned on doing it in writing. The problem is, my current address (which has never been on my reports) isn't listed. If I call them, will they be able to add my new address? If I just send in the dispute letter and my address doesn't match what they have in their system will they not process my disputes because they can't verify me? My new address also isn't on my ID yet. Thanks for any advice!
  2. When I view the files, they say they are not available any longer. Is there anyway to repost them?

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