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  1. As others mentioned above, you might still be approved. As a data point, I was right at 5/24 as well when I applied for CSR. I did it in branch and was told I was pre-qualified for CSR. Instant approval. Hope you get your approval!
  2. CRA: Not sure FICO: 787 (EX, FICO Score 8); 817 (EQ, FICO Bankcard Score 8) Util: 4% Over 5/24: exactly at 5/24 (CSR = 6th application) Chase Banking Relationship: no, only credit cards (CSP and United - open; Southwest - closed) Chase Private Client: no App immediate outcome: Instant approval for $35,000 at 16.24% APR Notes: Applied in branch. Asked to see if I had any pre-approvals prior to the application. Banker said that I was pre-approved for CSR.
  3. App'ed for Barclays U.S. Airways Premier World MC yesterday. Instant approval for 20k. This is my first Barclays card. P.S. I combined the app with an app for CSP. Instant approval on that as well, for 25k.
  4. I would think so. But, on the other hand, they are both Chase Southwest cards. Would be great to know if someone has actually applied for both cards and received both bonuses.
  5. You are partially correct. Points directly from CSP do not get counted. But it is my understanding that points from partner hotels, such as Marriott or Hyatt, do get counted toward the Companion Pass. You are correct. Hotels, car rentals, basically anything you spend money to earn points counts towards Companion Pass. It DOES NOT count towards A-List. I still need two round trips before December 30th to preserve A-List for next year. You should fly before November 20, 2014 and fly Business Select. You'll get 15x base fare (12x for business select and extra 25% b/c you are A-lis
  6. You are partially correct. Points directly from CSP do not get counted. But it is my understanding that points from partner hotels, such as Marriott or Hyatt, do get counted toward the Companion Pass. So, if I transfer 50,000 UR points straight into 50,000 RR points, they do not get counted. But if I first transfer 50,000 UR points to Hyatt, and then those into RR for 30,000 points (24,000 for every 50,000 plus 6,000 bonus), they apparently do get counted for the Companion Pass.
  7. Hi, CBers! Looking for advice about Chase and Southwest cards, particularly how it applies to obtaining a Companion Pass. Any input is appreciated, especially if you have personal experience with any of the scenarios described below. As always, thank you all SO MUCH for any help that you can provide! Long story short, I have determined that it was time to update my credits cards earlier this fall. Particularly, I decided I finally want to get the CSP, for its 2x points on dinning and travel and the transfer options into Southwest and United, which are the number one and two airlines
  8. If you are going to get a CSP, IMO the card is only worth the AF if you transfer the UR points into frequent flier miles. If you plan on using it for cash back, get a Fidelity Amex for a flat rate 2%. Yes, I plan to transfer the points into my UA account. Although, I will probably transfer the initial 50,000 points (45,000 sign-up bonus and 5,000 additional ones) to SW account, via Hyatt, in order to get the SW companion pass.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. I'm keeping the BCP, so that I can continue getting 6% back on groceries and 3% back on gas and department stores. I will also likely supplement the BCP by getting the CSP later this month, to get 2% back on dining and travel. These will be my two go-to cards for now.
  10. There is no question that the annual fee "is definitely worth it." While it would be preferable if there was some way to waive or offset the AF, I think I am better of in the long run with keeping the card (and paying the AF) than downgrading to the no-annual-fee version..
  11. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm guessing I will likely keep the card, since (as everyone agrees) the benefits far outweigh the annual fee.
  12. Hi. Anyone ever had any luck offsetting an AMEX annual fee or getting some kind of a retention bonus? I recently called the main line with regard to an annual fee on my BCP, and both the CSR and a supervisor told me that there was nothing they could do or offer me, despite my suggestion that I was seriously considering cancelling or at least downgrading the card to the no-annual-fee version. Just wondering if I should try my luck again with a different CSR or if there is a different number that I should call that would be more successful. As always, any feedback and help is greatly a
  13. Is it really that bad to carry a balance, even if it's a 0% APR card? I have always PIF, unless it's a 0% APR. And then I make the payments proportionally, so as to PIF by the end of the 0% period. Also, would paying the amount due "before the statement closes" really make a huge difference on one's score? I have always paid on the due date or a couple of days before the due date, under the thinking of -- why make a payment before it is due? Just curious, because I never really paid attention to this stuff. Currently, I think I have something like 110,000 total CL and about 13% uti
  14. YAK25

    CSP AF

    I still see $95 at https://creditcards.chase.com/credit-cards/sapphire-preferred-card.aspx. Let's hope it stay like that for me for another month. I was planning on applying for it at the end of November. Has anyone tried calling to find out if the AF will stay at $95, or if it's just a matter of when, not if, the AF changes to $150 for everyone? I, for one, would love to find out. If it will change for everyone over the next week or two, I might go ahead and apply for it right now, in the hopes of keeping the $95 AF for as long as possible. (Granted, of course, that it is waived in t
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