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  1. Well it sure was successful if the goal was to shame me about how much money I spent last year! haha
  2. cmc79

    Shop Discover

    An interesting thing happened to me. I see some members have discussed not getting proper bonuses while using shop discover. I've had the complete opposite happen to me. I went through shop discover to purchase a new macbook air from the apple store. I ended up using a different card because the statement was going to cut the next day and I didnt want a balance reporting. Long story short I didnt pay with discover and they ended up posting the 5% bonus to my account. Is this typical? Anyone else have this experience?
  3. E-signed docs last night and status is now in pending funding. Do supporting documents requested. This is much faster than I expected!
  4. No Docs requested. Congratulations! Your Credit Card application has been approved! Credit Card Approval Details: Card Type: Visa Platinum-Advantage Rewards Credit Line Amount: $ 30,000.00 Rate: 9.900% APR Minimum Payment: 2% of your total balance, or $25, whichever is greater To make paying off your higher rate cards easy, you will receive 7.9% APR* balance transfer checks in the mail once your card is activated. At which point do they ask for docs? I received a similar email. Would they be asking for any additional requirements there?
  5. Apped and approved for membership 9/26 and approved immediately. Apped for card immediately after membership approval and was pended. Received approval this afternoon for 30k @14.99. No verification requested thus far. No hard pulls have appeared as if yet. Currently my score is in the high 720s with about 3% util. Highest current limit is $15k on another CU's card.
  6. This week: Discover 6500>7500 (auto), I had requested CLI via love button a week ago and was denied. Capital One Platinum 1500>4500, love button Amex 180 day 9900>15900, counter (asked for 20000) would love another B of A increase but dont want to take a hard for it
  7. Did you have ANY other prior activity on the account? If yes, any prior CLI? There hasnt been activity on the account for well over a year. No prior CLI on this card at all. Oh well - it was just a little experiment.
  8. Statement posted for me and no change in CL observed. Mid 7's, 4% util and no late payments so there should be nothing scaring them. I'm interested to see what results others had.
  9. Current situation: I've been wanting a Freedom for a little while now. They send me offers every week in the mail. Today I got a $200 bonus offer and shredded it and now having second thoughts. I've opened 7 new cards in the last year, 2 in the last six months. The last two cards that were opened were Amex, the most recent being backdated to 1/13 so not sure if that even counts as a "new account". I am planning on requesting a 3x CLI on the BCP the first week of August. Do you think getting another card will hurt my chances of getting an increase on the BCP or worse AA from Amex? The card is currently at $9,900 and I was planning on requesting $25K. My scores are in the 730s and 4% util solely on the Amex which I PIF every month so even though my score is not maximized by 1% util I think my internal score with Amex should be good (running around $2,500 a month through the card). Should I just hold off until after the CLI request to Amex in a couple of months knowing that Chase will likely send me another $200 bonus offer after that? I just want to make sure I am doing the right things a the right time and also do not want a low starting limit with Chase due to number of new accounts. My current limits excluding a couple of store cards range from $5k - $15k. I would like at least $10k initially from Chase as I understand all requests for increases initiated by me will be a hard pull after that. Any advice appreciated - Chase offer is good until the end of June.
  10. Just pushed a $5 payment to my card which is currently at a $1400 CL. Will report results if there is a subsequent CLI. This card has not seen use in well over a year.
  11. Citi Dividend CLI via luv button (soft) +$1,300 to $4800
  12. How often do you need an old statement? Its not really a matter of archiving historical statements because I rarely if ever need an old statement - more a matter of convenience of having a single sign on with my ipad to view new statements rather than having to log on to multiple web sites to do so. Not a huge deal and definitely a first world problem.

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