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  1. My Chase Amazon Prime VISA was initially at only $500. But when it arrived it was at... $500 Chase has never given me an auto CLI on any cards. However the Amazon card is only 3 statements old. One of these days I'll close my Disney card and transfer the limit to the Amazon card, since its annoying when I accidentally use 90% of the limit and have to quickly pay down the card.
  2. Vantage West is another 5% option that allows selecting Dining (also includes 3% gas, 2% grocery). I'm not sure how regionally restricted it is. https://vantagewest.org/personal/credit-cards/connect-rewards-visa/
  3. New Chase Amazon prime card. $500 credit limit. Chase pulled Experian 793 ; Equifax 788. They did not pull Transunion 804. Prior to this I had $40,400 on 3 Chase credit cards. I'll probably close a card or two and consolidate the limits.
  4. I vomited in the front seat of a squad car. Fortunately, that was way back when the police didn't shoot you for doing that.
  5. I hate to imagine what would occur should one of them notice the other one is carrying any cash. Just imagine all the untraceable spending that could occur.
  6. People still buy DVDs? I could understand the occasional Bluray, but DVD?
  7. Everything is a conspiracy, when you don't understand how things work and aren't willing to learn.
  8. Equifax chief: How much are we spending on cyber security? Salaryman: $0 Equifax chief: Double it! Salaryman: Thats not enough. Equifax chief: Then triple it! But not a penny more...
  9. That is correct. I work across the street from TCF Bank Stadium. I also used to bank with them, for about 25 years. I got fed up with the crap they pulled over and over during the 2008+ stock market crash. They kept coming up with more and more hoops I had to jump through in order for my Totally Free Checking account to still be free. Eventually they just started charging me a monthly fee without even telling me what new stupid rule they added. That was the day I switched to using US Bank as my local bank. I never did ask why I was being charged a fee that time, I just walked in and closed my account. They weren't surprised at all when I did so, and didn't even ask why.
  10. Thanks. I willl update the master list if you can point me to any links to recent, first person accounts that contain useful details. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=600935&hl= Second post in the thread, last 2 paragraphs. Some guy who calls himself "themanwhocan" claims to have combined the limits of two cards. Edit: the combining was done on 9/6/2016.
  11. Hmm. Technically, if the bad guys do have your personal info, can't they unfreeze your reports if they want? It seems strange that a credit bureau can screw up majorly like this, and the end result is they rake in the profits by collecting more fees for the foreseeable future to freeze and unfreeze credit reports.
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