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  4. I want to thank everyone for their input. Update: my friend didn't close all 23 accounts, she still has about 6 left open. Her Fico score from Discover went up to 760. Now she has two Visa cards left, both of them are the oldest from 2003. She wants to close out the one from Capital One because they are charging her $5 month fee. If she does close out Capital One, does anyone know what affect it would have on her credit score?
  5. The previous installment loan is a debt consolidation. She's trying to do all the right things to not let this happen again. I helped her with a budget that she promises to follow.
  6. She has no late payments, Discover shows her FICO score at 714. She wasn't able to get a unsecured debt consolidation loan in her name. The loan is in her mother's name only, through Discover Personal Loan at 10.99%, closing the credit card accounts was the only way her mother was going to do loan. The mom doesn't want her to accumulate this kind of credit card debt again. The mother received the loan through Discover Personal Loans at 10.99%. My friend will only have a auto loan ( 2 years left) and a installment loan (18 months left) on her credit report. She will have a extra $400 a month with no more credit card payments and will be making the loan payments on her mom's loan. She plans on starting a retirement account and making extra payments to her mom's loan to pay it off early. Thanks for the info.
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