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  1. Thanks everyone for the input. I did a little digging and called Wells Fargo. I was transferred to their overdraft department and as it turns out, I did in fact have a negative balance that according to their records was "sold" in Feb. 2010. I don't remember it but it was a bad time for me back then so I guess it is possible after all. I do know that they never tried to collect so it's strange they would just sell a debt they didn't try to recoup in anyway. It may have had something to do with my foreclosure, not really sure. They did confirm that I do not show up as owing anything and that the call I got was probably a scam collector. It has been 7 years and 7 months since this debt was sold and who knows how long since it was first considered "late". My guess is that they were trying some last ditch effort to get some money, hence the references to "docket number" and making is sound like I as going to be served and then accused in the suit of purposely defrauding a financial institution. I can see how some people would really fall for this and cough up the money. In case anyone is curious, the name of the collection agency is R&R Law Group and the initial call I got was from Nationwide Document Delivery Service. Nationwide Document Delivery Service calls people and tells them they have important court papers they need to deliver. If you ask, they give you the number of the "Lawyer" to call, in this case - R&R Law Group. You call and get a supposed lawyer who tries to scare you with the threat of being charged with a crime. I can see how this would make people extremely upset and worried. Is this tactic even legal?
  2. I hope I'm posting in the proper section. I got a call today from someone from "Nationwide Document Delivery Service". It was a private number. The woman said she was calling to verify if I would be home to accept the delivery of a legal document regarding a lawsuit and gave me a number, making a point to refer to it as a "docket number". I said to her that if she was a process server thanks for the heads up! I then asked what this was about and what the number was for the company she represents. I wouldn't answer any questions or discuss anything unless I knew who I was talking to. She gave me a number for a law firm "R&R Law Group". I called and was transferred to an "attorney". This supposed attorney wanted me to verify my identity and I said I would not be giving her any information about myself so what the heck is this all about? She had the last four digits of my SS and proceeded to tell me that Wachovia is bringing suit against me for $1,900 that I supposedly owed them for a negative balance in my checking account and they were "charging" me with intention to defraud a financial institution. I asked for the date of this alleged fraud and was told 2010. At that point I told her not to contact me again and hung up. First, I do not think I could ever be so far in the red on any account and not know it. This was a very turbulent time for me financially and I was foreclosed on, however, if I had that type of a deficit in any of my bank accounts, I think I would have remembered it. I have never been notified by this bank regarding this nor have they made any attempt to collect in seven years. I currently have an account with them I've had for many years so they know my current address, always. This doesn't even show up as a collection on my credit report nor have I been placed in chexsystems. I have four banks and 6 bank accounts and never had a problem opening up any of those accounts. Could this be a collection agency or possibly someone got a hold of my credit info from Equifax and is trying to perpetrate a scam?
  3. I know creditkarma is not considered an accurate source of info, however I use it as a baseline and just checked today to see a 22pt. drop in my Equifax score for no apparent reason. My score was at 658, then dropped six points down to 652 where it stayed for a while. Now, it just dropped down to 630. What am I doing wrong??? There has been nothing negative added to my reports. The only thing I can think of is that I recently opened a new Capital One card but I literally just received it in the mail. My other card only has a limit of $300 and I paid it down to $25 right before they reported on 8/10. I'm really confused and trying very hard to clean up my credit but it's like taking two steps forward and three steps back . . . Any suggestions as to why this 22pt. drop?

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