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  1. Yes, I supplied dob. I didn't know I shouldn't. I figured that I was at least supposed to supply some information as to not raise red flags so to speak. Learn something new everyday
  2. Hi all, I've been learning from this thread for awhile and run a stable repair business. I applied to O'reilly's about a week ago w/o including my ssn. I discovered today via an alert from Equifax that O'reilly pulled a personal credit report even though I didn't put my ssn on the application. How is this possible? I was 100% sure I didn't provide them with this as I scanned the app to my pc to send through online fax. I checked the app I sent (although I was sure I didn'tto see if I put my ssn and sure enough it wasn't there. So I'm just letting you guys know that they may be pulling you
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