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  1. Thanks. I will call tomorrow to order.
  2. Thanks Breeze. Yeah, I've been here a while, but just now getting around to doing something about it. Kinda overwhelming at first, but I intend to be persistent! In regards to the EQ report from annualcreditreport.com... After I answered the EQ questions, it then said that "Online delivery unavailable. We are not able to delivery your free Equifax Annual Credit Report online.", and then directed me to order one by mail. At this point, I was just going to go ahead and order paid reports from all individual CRAs. But, I'm assuming if I order the 3-Bureau report + score from EXP for $39.99, t
  3. So I'm starting the journey to clean my credit file. I've spent the past 2-3 weeks reviewing the forums as best possible and think I am now ready to begin. I haven't pulled my CR in a few years. So I went ahead and got a free EXP & TU thru Annualcreditreport, but was unable to get a free EQ online. My Fico9 score thru Wells Fargo is 568 and thru Credit Karma is 571 EQ & 527 TU. I have opted out recently. My understanding is that I need to order paid reports from all 3 CRAs to dispute off of instead of the free ones from ACR. When checking online at the 3 CRA websites, I see tha
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