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  1. thanks for the quick reply. If I have a kitchen set up that has a working sink, oven and refrigerator would that be acceptable? How picky are they on the small details?
  2. After a long time of rebuilding my credit I applied for a cash out refinance to do some much needed updates on my home. Now it comes time for the appraisal and I may be facing a big problem. I have an old house with lots of issues that either need to be dealt with or are in the process of being dealt with. How picky are they on these appraisals? Do they note every issue and will this prevent a loan from going though? Here I am thinking they will just value it as it sets but I just spoke to my loan officer and discussed some of the details and now I'm worried. They want me to send them a list and pictures of some of the issues. One potential issue is I do not have a finished kitchen, I don't have the cabinets installed yet....... Thanks for any info.
  3. Been a while since this thread was updated, has anyone recently had any issues with DCU reporting at odd times? Just paid off the full balance on my DCU Visa on the 15th, statement cut today. Trying to figure out when its safe to use it. Trying to get utilization down on my reports before asking for increases at DCU and NFCU.
  4. Thanks for the info. If i understand this correctly, to use appraised value i have to wait a full year. Typically if done sooner they would not lend over what the cash purchase price was?
  5. I purchased a house $4,200 cash at an auction 4 months ago with intentions of fixing it up and renting it out. Overall the house is in good shape considering it was so cheap. Question is when would i be able to pull money out to repair and fix it up? I have read lots of info about a seasoning period and when appraisals can be used as apposed to purchase price to marigolds the value. The home was sold 7 years ago for $140,000 and i own the house next door worth approx $200,000. Im not worried about the appraisal but more worried i will have to wait a year or more to use an appraisal to pull out $60,000 or so to fix it up. Hope this make sense.....thanks for the help
  6. so how do they verify eligibility? I guess there is a way to verify just by name and address?
  7. This is all good news, thanks for the info. I will go ahead with it and see what happens.
  8. I have a legitimate way in with a problem..... Uncle is retired airforce, lives 14 hours away. He therfore qualifies my father to join and then ultimately myself. The problem is he is not a member and will not give me the last 4 of his ss#. We have an okay relationship but he's one that dosent like to give out personal info, I completely understand. He did say i am allowed to use his info to join however i know on the application they require the ss#. My main question......Is there any legitimate way around this? I seem to remember a post stating that they got in by calling and the ss# was not required, however i seem to remember something about them closing accounts that were questionable. My connection to my uncle is a 100% acceptable method of joining but i dont feel comfortable pushing any futher for his personal info.... So close
  9. The issue of a past judgement just came up with me. I had paid the judgement but apparently it was never listed as satisfied or vacated on my credit report. I have been reading a lot of mixed opinions on weather or not a vacated judgement gets deleted. I was ignorant and or lazy back then and i should have figured it out at the time.
  10. I opened a Lowes card a few months ago after finding out they offer the 5% discount and easy online ordering that my wife can pick up for me. I have been buying all my electrical though them since they have been the easiest option for me. I have ran through $800 on my toy card limit of $300 in the past month. Well i go to do my usual shopping for my weekend work and i find out they put a hold on my $235 payment from monday. Typical situation, i load it up on friday and saturday and then pay it off on monday. So i do a live chat with GECBR and i get someone telling me the reason for the hold is one of these 6:13:23 PM CST : Jay: The systematic hold on your payment could be for one of the following reasons: Large number of payments made within specific time period. Previous Returned checks (NSF's). Payments on new account. Out of pattern Payments. Amount of Payments (high payments are generally held to ensure they clear) I am at a loss, $235 is a joke. The funny thing is that since I lost the convenience of online ordering I checked menards and saved some good money just buying there. just venting....
  11. I learned the song. (at least i think i did) The worst part of learning the song is not knowing if its working. Cant hardly hold back from checking.......... But i know i have to
  12. Thats good to know. I am planning a bit of a DCU app spree going for an auto refi and a cc. I have been letting some balances report for the past few months. It will be interesting to see how much change i get.
  13. Damn Crap1 I was trying to test the 1-3% utilization theory on my credit score. I knew it would be cutting it close to get it done on this statement but i guess i will find out next month. I have 1% sitting on my barclay rewards and $0 on all other cards except for this one.
  14. So today is the day my Cap one statement cuts. I just deposited a check into my bank account and want to pay the account down to 0 for reporting to the cra's. If i make an online payment today before the 5 pm eastern will it be reflected on the statement? I would think that they post the payment as soon as its made but will not reflect it in the available credit until it clears my bank, typically one day after payment. thanks
  15. That is an interesting question. I have not heard of assuming another persons loan before. I will look into this and see if its possible with his loan. thanks for the suggestion

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