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  1. Me Too... said: We Need a Little More InformationThanks for your application. Please contact us to complete your application and receive a decision.
  2. I have been a member here for years but some how my account was deleted I'm guessing because i wasn't active enought. I just filed my LLC in December. applied at Quill approved don't know the limit Applied at Granger Cash account (denied) because my LLC was not yet 2 months old Applied at T-Moble approved no PG with 75% down on the device. On another note, What the heck is SOS?
  3. I apologize in advance for this newby question. I tried to apply for Fuelman online today and all of the cards in the online app require a PG should I just call them? or what should i do....
  4. No trying to be dince but why do you think I'll need a lawyer?
  5. Thats correct There was some reason for the new ssn I dont remember it happened 30 years ago AND my social security retirement account reflects both numbers, To be clear, do you guys think I should rehab them all or try to consolidate and then rehab???
  6. Ok guys, I have 2 social security numbers, and 6 credit files. I for the last 20 years I have used and obtained credit in both numbers. I am now looking to buy my first house but I have to resolve my credit issues on all 6 credit files. I called experian today to try to have both experian reports consolidated, I was transfered to "special" customer service and the guy understood the issue but apparently couldn't do anything until I faxed the issue in writing to them at 972-390-5776 my credit report is a train wreck and its overwhelming to think that I have to fix each one. What do you think? Keith
  7. No I had to pay! Damn you know your stuff. No there was no reposession. so basically I'm dead in the water. its a good thing the first delinq was more that 6 years ago. Thank you ICANHASMUNY?
  8. I know my avatar says that I'm a new member here, I have been a member for over 6 years but there was a long period that I didn't access my account and I couldn't recover the login. That said I'm having a problem with a baddie from Car Financial Services. They are reporting that I was charged off but what really happened was that they forgave the debt! I have paperwork from the IRS where they reported the forgivness of the outstanding amout and the IRS made me pay additional taxes because this load forgivness is considered INCOME!! I have already disputed the entry but it was verified in 2 days (done online) can someone help me with the next step? Should I just dig out all me tax paperwork and redispute the entry with additional information? Keith

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