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  1. I currently have Globe Life polices for my entire family plus a NewYorkLife policy for myself I got years ago thru my former employer. Looking to add additional policies for myself and spouse. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m strongly considering PacificLife but their underwriting is brutal I heard.
  2. What if someone hits me with no insurance and someone in my vehicle or myself is seriously injured? Can I still have bodily injury coverage without comp coverage? Didn’t know that was possible.
  3. https://ibb.co/nnyvQwF It’s always good to know people who know people. Got a good deal on repairs, car should be ready Saturday. The payout honestly was $900 over repairs cost. So that money will be used for a new policy since the car is no longer eligible for comp coverage thru Progressive. So I lost nothing. My son is 21 and in college. My parents makes his car payments and insurance. He’s not home most of the year and usually doesn’t drive my car(s).
  4. Progressive insurance is no way on the same level as Acceptance Insurance, which is the carrier the other driver has. But to Update you MY CHECK is on its way to cover my loses. So I got paid, now what do you call that?
  5. Progressive Insurance Ford Fusion Lol.... He’s my first born so he gets away with a lot of shhh. He’s grown now but still my baby boi.
  6. https://ibb.co/y4K71Gr Auto insurers in this country needs overhauling. I’m so frustrated with the process that I’m considering paying out of pocket and sue later. Anybody with a brain can see their trying to screw me. I don’t deal with stress very well so I’m leaning towards paying out of pocket. I’m not giving them my car, it’s fixable. My claim adjuster claims that the “threshold” in Illinois for “economical loss” is low (65%) that legally they can’t fix my car because the repairs exceeds 65% of the vehicles value, never heard of that before doubt its even true. Now I realize why it’s important to read your policy. But who does that?
  7. It only list retail sale or trade in. Of course trade in is low. Retail is more then I’m being offered. What happen to the whole make me whole text that’s in my policy.
  8. It’s disputed court date set. The other driver received a ticket, for what I’m not sure. My son is listed first on the police report but it only list the parties information no statements. She filed a claim with my insurance but they haven’t accepted liability, as that shouldn’t.
  9. My son got into a car accident in one of my vehicles last week. The other driver claims he hit her car but he said she side swipe him. Anywho, she has some off brand insurance company that wanted me to draw a pic of how the accident happen and go to their body shop for an estimate, I said no thanks. I filed a claim using my collision coverage and took my car in for a estimate. Repairs: $3200 Adjuster: No, Total loss offers: 3100 minus deductible and title fees (Must surrender car) $2600 Offers: $1600 if I decide to keep car and do repairs. Car ineligible for comp coverage. This seems low. Car is old (2008) and high miles (150k) but top trim of that model. Car is in great shape. Garage kept and it’s my only vehicle that is paid off. I found similar cars going for $4999 to $6800. What are my options I really want a fair amount for my car. $1600 is not enough for the repairs.
  10. OMG I’m stupid. I’m not good with acronyms
  11. I was merely stating the price point had me sold not to mention the color which was limited in production is a rare find. As I originally stated I decided not to move forward with the purchase. The salesman told me, Hertz take their cars out of services once they have made what they paid the manufacturer for the car. Quote “If we sell a car from this lot, that’s a bonus. If not it goes to auction, we still get paid” his point, I don’t give a shhh if I sell you this car or not. This guy was a real tool I’m also puzzled why I received a inquiry from COAF on my TransUnion report. What lender is that? Pissed.
  12. That’s not always true. This vehicle had only 28k miles on it’s and it’s from Texas. It’s only been in services for 1 and 4 months. No accidents and the list price was a steal. Most people who rent cars don’t want claims against their insurance policies or to be responsible for damages. So in fact their more careful with the rental vehicle then their own personal vehicle.
  13. No... I applied online, received a reference number and told to go pick out a car and the dealer submits the paperwork and I drive off. Too bad that didn’t happen. I believe the dealer tried putting the $1000 to cover the body shop work.
  14. It was the auto navigator approval. No docs required. Only DL and Insurance Marv.
  15. Thanks Heg and CV... So what timeframe is covered for rate shopping as it relate to auto loans that count as one inquiry?
  16. Straight to the point I found a Durango I was interested in purchasing from Hertz sales, price was good and low miles. Got a approval from Capital One, that I’ve been sitting on for the past two weeks now. Expecting things to go smoothly since I already have the approval the opposite happen. During inspection I notice a deep stretch on the entire drive size that reached to the rear bumper. Salesman said his boss agreed to send it out for repair. Found out the boss has been using the vehicle as a loaner and racked up 2000 additional miles, that’s more then what’s listed on the website. Anywho the salesman sent the application to Capital One he comes back and says Capital One wants $1000 down. I walked and said no. He then suggest I let them run it through their bank, I said no. While driving home I called Capital One and asked why did I need to put money down when online it didn’t require a down payment. The rep said she didn’t understand why either and said based on the numbers from the dealer they can “finance the car out” without anything down, just call the dealer and let them know they updated the callback system to reflex that. I called the salesman man and he puts me on hold and comebacks and say Capital One lowered it to $300. I said coo I’m not losing the deal over $300. Here is the problem. The dealership is 1 hour away from my home, I asked the salesman can they send the car to the body shop and once it’s done in a few days I’ll come sign the papers and take delivery, he said his boss wouldn’t agree to that, because if it doesn’t sale they’ll send it to auction and they’ll lose money. I immediately got offended considering I drove 1 hour and already had financing in place. So for him to basically say we want a sign deal before they send it out for repair was a insult. I immediately cut him off and said have a nice day. I’m pissed off that I got 3 inquiries from Capital One and 1 from Hertz and nothing to show for it. I can cry right now I’m so pissed. Prior to this I only had 3 inquires on each report. I really liked that car man. Don’t know what to do. I hate car shopping so stressful. Scores 653 639 644
  17. Update: Am I getting a good deal. Purchase agreement: Retail Price: $31380 Sales Price: $29229 Savings: $2151.00 Government fees: $211 Proc/Doc Fees: $221 Total Taxes: $2,442.32 (What’s this for?) Total Sales Price: $32,086.23 Rebate: $1,500 Cash Price: $30,586.23 2019 Ford Mustang Ecoboost. Car looks bad ass in person. It’s a 4 cylinder and the 2020’s are due in soon. How should I proceed? I’m not spending $30k on a 4 cylinder. How low can I work these numbers?
  18. Thank god. I’ll update when I apply. Hoping membership hard pull is good for loans as well.
  19. Marv 0% from Ford and $3000 from dealer “. I was told u can do both right?
  20. Is Penfed still good if you’re on Chex or EWS? I’m only looking for savings do o can apply for s loan?
  21. Looking to lease a mustang (I know their bad for leasing) Are there any cash back deals or $0 for 72 months feds for my area IL? Ok credit just purchased a vehicle a year ago. Will Ford approve me?
  22. Lol... it’s a freeze. But off topic does inquires matter? Heading to the dealership worried about the inquires that will hit my report. Wanted to try DCU but not a member.
  23. I attempted to refreeze my credit report 4 days ago using Experian phone system, but for whatever reason the system generated a new pin instead of using the 6 digit pin I was previously using. I’ve tried three different telephone numbers to try to reach a live person at Experian but the system will not allow me to speak to anyone. This is so frustrating because I’m car shopping today and need my report unlocked. Does anyone have a number of any info on how to speak to a representative about getting this freeze off my report today? This kind of deliberate obstructing customers from speaking to a agent should be investigated.
  24. Does anyone have any info on this account? Is there a credit check, EWS or Chexsystems pull?

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