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  1. Thank god. I’ll update when I apply. Hoping membership hard pull is good for loans as well.
  2. Marv 0% from Ford and $3000 from dealer “. I was told u can do both right?
  3. Is Penfed still good if you’re on Chex or EWS? I’m only looking for savings do o can apply for s loan?
  4. Looking to lease a mustang (I know their bad for leasing) Are there any cash back deals or $0 for 72 months feds for my area IL? Ok credit just purchased a vehicle a year ago. Will Ford approve me?
  5. Lol... it’s a freeze. But off topic does inquires matter? Heading to the dealership worried about the inquires that will hit my report. Wanted to try DCU but not a member.
  6. I attempted to refreeze my credit report 4 days ago using Experian phone system, but for whatever reason the system generated a new pin instead of using the 6 digit pin I was previously using. I’ve tried three different telephone numbers to try to reach a live person at Experian but the system will not allow me to speak to anyone. This is so frustrating because I’m car shopping today and need my report unlocked. Does anyone have a number of any info on how to speak to a representative about getting this freeze off my report today? This kind of deliberate obstructing customers from speaking to a agent should be investigated.
  7. Does anyone have any info on this account? Is there a credit check, EWS or Chexsystems pull?
  8. TMC, them being ”Checks in the mail”? Lol I had a similar situation 10 years ago while on a road trip, we got a flat and the tire shop only took checks. A little repair shop in Tennessee.
  9. Yes 90% of my bills are done electronically. You’re right I may not even need checks, considering this account is not even my primary or secondary checking account(s). However The bank is not local which explains my need for checks in case I need all the funds in that account at once.
  10. I have multi accounts that not my issue. I don’t want to order checks from a company affiliated with those companies. I was told it could get my account closed. Not sure if that still true.
  11. Is “Checks in the mail” a safe company to order checks from? Someone 5 years back said they were not affiliated with Chexsystem or EWS. Can anyone confirm this?
  12. Update: Card and starter checks arrived in less then 5 days. Wow Impressive. I always get excited about opening a new checking account for some reason , I guess going without one for so many years really makes you grateful to have “options” again. Thanks burger P.S. additional checks can be ordered thru Vistaprints
  13. Applied as well. Approved. According to the rep this is a actual bank account not prepaid card. I asked the rep was there a limit on how much you can have on this account and she said there is know max amount. Usually prepaid cards only allow balances up to $10k.... And u get checks. So I’m liking it so far.
  14. Thank u for this. Some people don’t realize these sort of accounts are necessary. I signed up, there is a FREE option. And for the record I have multi checking accounts with the three big banks. Hope this helps someone.

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