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  1. Thank u for this. Some people don’t realize these sort of accounts are necessary. I signed up, there is a FREE option. And for the record I have multi checking accounts with the three big banks. Hope this helps someone.
  2. Does anyone have any updated information on safe places to order checks From? My accounts have all been open over 1 year. Does that mean it is safe to order checks from any company without the possibility of then being closed?
  3. Thanks! I'm in Chicago. I know Armed Forces Bank offer a business checking, I have their checking account but not sure if the underwriting is the same for a business account. Any more leads?
  4. What bank can I open a business checking account if I'm on chexsystem and ews? My LLC was filed in Delaware but I reside in IL. Will I need to file a foreign LLC in IL to get a bank account? The filing fee is ridiculous here.
  5. Totally forgot about the spending threshold some cards have. How do I tell which cards have spending requirements? I haven't applied for a credit card in years so im learning everything over again. Glad I asked.
  6. Who does Discover pull? Will they offer secured csrd is declined regular card?
  7. Your right, I was told to mail in my I.D. and SSC which I haven't gotten around to doing yet, because I had no intention on applying for anything this soon. I signed up for a 3 in 1 credit service and the TU freeze prevented it from going thru. Non the less I'm excited and happy to have a credit card again, good credit matters. Are u sure? I was told otherwise, lol.
  8. Thanks Dave! My TU credit report is frozen and has been for the past 6 years, when i tried getting it removed I was asked for the pin I was giving 6 years ago and can't find. So applying for any Capital one cards is off limits since they pull all 3. I have a old Barclaycard charged off 8 years ago, so im sure the blacklisted me. I want a Chase card but not sure who they pull for IL. Does Lowe's have a pre selector like Home Depot does? Inquires: TU: 0 EQ: 1 Ex: 2 Hopes this helps. No negative info on file. Oldest account that is listed but closed is 9 years old.
  9. Good afternoon to all. New to applying for credit, scores are above 660 across all 3 bureaus, only one credit card reporting (recently open) and a old credit card that was paid and close with no baddies. I applied for the following: Home depot APPROVED $500 limit (shocked) Citi advantage world elite APPROVED $4000 (passed out) Lol, seriously I can't believe it. should I try another Citi card or don't press my luck? What's the easiest Citi card to get? Can I request a CLI at activation?
  10. I usually don't post on here but this would be the perfect time to add my two cents. Ive had my Chime card now going on 3 years and haven't had any issues since opening it. I very recently started back using the card as a budget tool and notice alot of checking account like features, like the option to do ach debits and online billpay. No monthly maintenances fee Fee MoneyPass ATM network Of course people who have issues with these kind of accounts, usually fail to tell the whole story but that's internet life for u. I will be putting alot of heavy use on this card in the next 60 days and will report back if my account was interrupted in anyway. I'm not a fan of prepaid cards but I think this maybe a legitimate alternative for those of us on chexsystem and ews. Hope this helps.
  11. Yes TMCGILL I have my chexsystem report and that BOA account is no longer reporting. I've definitely learned my lesson, I have a checking now and 3 prepaid cards that I love. Never keep all your money at one institution. Some people hate prepaid cards but I love minds, if used properly they can cost u little to nothing a month in fees, cheaper then having a bank account in my opinion.
  12. Update: I was a nervous reck I couldn't sleep, so I got out of my bed at 2:30 this morning and drove to a BOA atm and withdrew the max, $600 off my paycard. I know nothing is going to happen but we all know the mind plays tricks on ya. Can't wait til my banking info is added by the employer, I hope nobody else has to go thru this.

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