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  1. I applied for a Citi card and was rejected do to "lack of information" according the letter they mailed. I have no idea why because I filled it out completely. I called Citi and after a long wait they told it was showing that I applied out of the country on their end. I did it from Houston and I do not have a VPN. She recommended that I apply again. She also told me that they will do another "hard pull" on my report. Any suggestions on how to get around them dinging my credit again? It has been about 15 days after the first pull. thank you
  2. I have a collection on my reports. ($230) I want to write a validation letter. My issue is that the acc# is 1234xxxx. on my report from Credit Check Total. The debt was bought from ATT by Southwest Credit Syst. I have never recieved a phone call or letter from them. Is there another way to get the account #? thanks.
  3. Hello all.....this is my first post. First of all I want to say thanks to all the great posters that are teaching me so much! I called all three CRA last week and asked for my old addresses to be removed. Like I have read EQ and TU were no problem and just asked me what addresses I want removed. The lady I talked to at EX was very short and in a condescending voice told me that old addresses could not be removed to to them being a part of my credit history. I tried the identity theft rout and she would not budge. I said thanks for the help and that was that. I called EX back today and the lady that answered today was sweet as pie right off the bat. I just said I would like to speak to someone about getting old addresses removed and she just said ok what addresses. I gave her the information and he said ok it will be removed! She asked no questions besides a e mail were confirmation could be sent. First step DONE! Again thanks for all the great info!

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