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  1. I'd honestly like to use the card more. Since it conveniently doesn't report to TU. And it has a reasonable 1.5% rewards program. But the combination of the $5000 credit limit and the stress of deciphering the bill pay system each month I choose to use it is a stroooong disincentive... MP
  2. Also, whenever I give them feedback on how hard it is to pay the credit card bill, I point out to them that I also bank with US Bank, Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Capital One, American Express and Barclays USA, and that they are the *only* one that poses any challenge at all to paying the credit card bill online...
  3. Oh, that's the Hong Kong *Shanghai* Bank of China, USA.
  4. I logged on the to the app again to try to pay the credit card. No "pay my credit card" option. I tried pushing all of the buttons. No luck. I went to the "talk to us" or whatever it's called button. They offered me a Bot to speak with. I did. The Bot offered three possible questions. Nope. Another three. Pay Credit Card was one of them. I selected it. The Bot walked me through paying the credit card, using bank account info I had used for a further payment. And I got it paid. The Bot also offered me the option of staying in the chat to do a brief customer satisfaction survey. I gave them a big round "0" on "how likely are you to recommend Hong Kong Bank of China USA to a friend?" on a scale of 0 to 10 question. And explained that I have had the credit card a couple years and their user interface consistently makes it either difficult or impossible to pay the credit card. It's pretty surprising that they've had *so* *many* iterations of their web page and app over the last couple years, and every single one lacks the "pay my credit card" option. I'm surprised any novices actually stay with the bank. I'm sure people get hit for late payments pretty frequently because they can't navigate the system... MP
  5. Progress * denied in Feb 2022. * $1000 CLI in March, 2022. I'm doing something right to please the algorithm gods. MP
  6. 7 years in, finally topped $50K! Started with, I think, a $2,750 credit limit on approval. Increased to $3,500 on activation. Now, probably 20 successful Love Button pokes (and 20 to 40 unsuccessful), I got back to back $1500 Credit Limit Increases in two months. Thanks for all the help over the last seven years, CB Gnomes. MP
  7. Hi CV, Thanks for the reply (I lost the thread, found it again. This site is still hard to navigate!) One mortgage broker told me that profitability, and the lack thereof, would likely be an issue. Another told me that I couldn't count boarder income from a primary residence. My taxes are still a few weeks out from getting done, I'll try calling a few more mortgage brokers to see what they have to say. Also, I get "want cash? Call us" mailers for Rental #2. So maybe I'll start there -- see if I can get $50K in equity out of it and a reasonably good mortgage rate. Pay off the credit cards. Then work on one of the other properties. MP
  8. Hi All, I haven't posted here for a while, checking in with a question: * 70K in credit card debt, $500K limit. Most at balance transfer rates of 3%, some at 5% and 7%) (recent unsolicited CLIs from US Bank, Chase, Citi, FNBO. So I think I'm doing something right) (But I haven't been able to get new credit cards for the last 2 years because of high balances). * FICOs from Discover/Bank of America at 790. No inquiries on any bureau for the last 2 years. * 3 properties - 1) rental, needs new roof but otherwise in good shape, mortgage currently at $60K, value about $140K. Lost of lot of income in 2020, didn't make enough to cover expenses. - 2) rental, good condition, mortgage currently at $120K, value about $300K. Income held reasonably well in 2020. - 3) part owner occupied, part rental, good condition, no mortgage, value about $220K. Lost a lot of income in 2020, still covered expenses. I've been behind on my taxes for a few years, so haven't refinanced. Taxes should finally be done this month. My objective is to get all debt to very low fixed rate mortgages. And possibly free up capital for other investments. And lower CC debt so I can start churning cards again. Moving forward, what is my best strategy to refinance mortgages? I think the first one to refinance is 2), which had the best income for 2020. Is the $70K in CC debt likely to spook mortgage lenders? Should I a) take out a unsecured loan for $50K and pay the credit cards down to $20K? Then refinance property #2 and pay off the unsecured loan? b) Refinance property $2 with a cash-out refi, and pay off the credit cards? Just curious, TIA, MP
  9. Hi All, My house needs a $10,000 sewer line replacement. At the same time, I'd like to add a basement bathroom. Total cost about $20,000. I'd like to do it in October, it is a good time for both me and my tenant. I usually have the income to pay for this out of pocket, but have taken an income hit during the pandemic. The basics: * FICO 08 credit score 783. * I have $500,000 in personal credit card credit lines. * I'm using $52,000 in personal credit card credit, all in low interest balance transfers. Has been a stable number for 9 months, and has fluctuated between $30K and $55K for 5 years. * A year ago, with only $40K on the credit cards, I was getting balance transfer offers on most of the credit cards. Now with higher utilization and risk=averse lenders, it's only Discover, FNBO, and an occasional promo interest rate on purchases from Citi. * So I don't think I should run up the total credit card debt from $50K to $70K, as I don't want to scare off these last three banks. Or, worse, trigger account reviews from any bank that might cut my credit lines. * I haven't filed taxes in 3 years (landlord, easy to be lazy). * I have plenty of equity in this house and another house, but called one trusted mortgage broker about a line of credit without tax documents, and he said that since the pandemic/recession kicked in, all of their revenue-only based loan options have dried up. Short of filing income taxes and taking out a proper line of credit, what are my options? I've never done a personal loan, I often get snail mail offers from various outfits saying "consolidate your debt, up to $50,000K in a low-interest loan. A quick look at recent snail mail shows * "SoFi", 13%, appears to be unsecured. * "FIGURE" 4%, HELOC. Interest rates aren't a huge deal, as I should be able to pay this off in six months. Just curious if anyone has any offhand info on unsecured lines of credit for this sort of situation -- * Which lenders offer good rates? * The utilization won't apply toward my total credit card utilization, which I like. Any other issues other than a standard "new loan" ding on a credit report that I should be aware of? * Anything else that I'm not thinking of? Thanks in advance, MP
  10. I just migrated to the new app. It rejected my password on the first try, said I'd tried logging on too many times. After 30 minutes on"live chat" I was able to reset my password. (It recognized my old password, so I'm not sure why it was so fussy before). First time I've used the card in 9 months. It's hard to pay the bill. You need to click on one of two different "account details" buttons to do it. I agree that the user interface and customer service is much worse than credit unions. I'm surprised that anyone at all actually uses their products... MP
  11. Another $500. 3rd $500 increase in 18 months. $46000. This time I got the "we're reviewing your request" screen. The previous 40 attempts either delivered or denied instantly.
  12. Hege and Mec -- thanks for the replies. I should get a Chase Biz card in there, too. Maybe the 75,000 United offer will still be available. If so, I'll shoot for that one first in July when I clear 4/24. I'll look into Navy qualification. Turds? It's a couple hundred free $. For the Flex Perks, etc. Amtrak is about $800 in travel with the 30,000 points offer. Which ones would you suggest instead? I like $, I like airfare and travel reimbursements. I don't do hotels, so unless there's a good transfer rate to airlines, they're not useful for me. Credit scores ~790. At 0/12 as of this month. MP
  13. I'll be at 4/24 in July and 3/24 in August. 2/24 in October. I've been declined a few times in the last 15 months for things like the Bank of America travel card, US Bank FlexPerks, WF Propel, and a C1 Venture, possibly on account of churning, or on account of high balances (paid down now). I wasn't planning to wait until I was 4/24 before getting back in the application sequence, but since I'm now so close I figure I might as well do it and pick up a CSP first, then a United or Southwest a month later, for $1400 value in travel, before moving on to the others. I haven't seen much chatter about sequencing of apps in the post x/x policies of the major banks. First off: * CSP * United or Southwest The cards I'd like to get -- difficult: * Bank of America travel * Wells Fargo Propel * Cap One Venture Probably easier * BoA Amtrak when a higher signup bonus comes up * Citi TYX (PC'ed old TYPref in Sept 2017 (didn't read the rules carefully, should have kept it)) * Delta Amex if I get a signup offer (or in 2020 if the "eligibility once every 7 years" language pans out") * Amex Gold if I get the 50,000 signup offer. * US Bank Altitude And, pick up along the way * US Bank FlexPerks * Citi American Airlines I'm Ineligible for: * Barclays Arrival (still have an old no-fee arrival) Thoughts on this? Who is most sensitive to new accounts out of Cap One, B of A, or WF? TIA, MP
  14. Has anyone seen data points on getting the signup bonus a second time with the Altitude card? I got the card in June 2017, closed it in June 2018, even though they offered a nice retention package. I've Googled around a bit, looked at Doc of Credit, Flyertalk, MyFICO, and here on CB and haven't found any clear datapoints. One poster noted that the terms and conditions seem to say you can only get the signup bonus once, but I seem to recall reading you could get the signup bonus 2x on other cards, like FlexPerks VISA. Just curious TIA MP
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