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  1. My mom's credit is hurting because of my dad.They have been divorce for quite some times now but unfortunately,there were some bills that under my mom's name still sent to my dad's house,and of course,being a jerk that he is,he didn't tell my mom about it.So my mom's credit went down because all the late payments that she didn't even know.So is there any way that we can pull her credit score back up? is there a trusted company that can lead us to do that? Because we're looking to buy a new house and i don't think with my mom's credit,she can do that.And by the way,she doesn't have a lot of debt,she pays 3000 back every year for tax.So she makes good money too.Just the late payments.
  2. Hi,i'm here to ask you guys for counseling about my debt.I have a debt approximately 30-ish thousands. And i'm looking for a way to decrease it as low as possible.I want to pay it off,I do,but it's just too hard to do with this economy. I don't want to go bankruptcy because i know i can pay it off,just not all of it.Is there any way i can do that? I have a friend that did it,it went from 30 thousands to 15 thousands.But he moved and i lost his number so. Please help!
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