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  1. i applied twice with no luck. any tips?
  2. thanks for sharing! have you tried alphabroder printing?
  3. has anyone tried the ondeck loc?
  4. i would also like to know the process, if anyone has had their store cards upgraded to mc. thanks
  5. hi why chat! I also have another collection med acct (same ca) for 900 bucks that due to fall off this month or next month. should I follow the same steps and send the letter as well or just wait a little bit. thanks
  6. hello all! i just noticed a collection acct on my cr from mar 13, showing $38 as paid. i have never received any correspondence from the collection agency, nor have i ever made any payments to them. i had an appointment in feb of this year and i recall the clerk informing me that there was a small past due balance, in which i paid while at the docs office. so im thinking they sent the funds over to the collection agency. is there any way to get the agency to remove the co acct? thanks

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