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  1. FYI Texas residents: there is a petition for the AG to file a similar lawsuit against Santander: https://www.change.org/p/ken-paxton-demand-texas-join-the-34-other-states-in-santander-consumer-lawsuit
  2. This particular letter was a result of my email to the CEO
  3. I received the attached letter from Cap One in response to a few GW letters I sent. I’m concerned about the highlighted part....should I keep going or am I playing with fire? I’m in the process of buying a house and trying to improve my EQ mortgage scores before closing so I gotta be careful not to mess any tradelines up. Cap One is my oldest CC and I hit the 2 year mark since my derogatory payments this month.
  4. I meant to add that I just sent in a copy of the settlement to add to my disputes. I don’t know if that will reopen them or not. Let me know if you have any luck!
  5. I posted a thread in the general credit forum but figured this may be more appropriate for the automotive, so I apologize for the cross post: So my question is about this settlement: http://santandermultistateagsettlement.com/Home/portalid/0 I had an SUV repo’d in summer of 2017 (originally purchased in 2012). Since I handed over the keys when they picked it up, I guess they considered it voluntary, so it’s listed as a charge-off. I just wrapped up a divorce at the time and I kept the vehicle as a result but it was still in both me and my ex-spouse’s name at
  6. Would this post be better Moved to the automotive financing section?
  7. No worries, thanks. It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at the repo process, I will review.
  8. Correct. And I have not received a paper copy. I disputed after running a report via annualcreditreport.com But technically no, it was actually a repo but they show it as a charge off which I guess is technically less negative than it really is. I know they sent paperwork after it was auctioned but I was going through a wild divorce and a move at the time and those papers are long lost. But I’m also wanting feedback to see if I have any recourse given my state was not part of the settlement.
  9. I just tried to cancel the EQ online dispute and they said I can’t cancel it. Hopefully the worst case scenario is that info just stays the same. In that case, considering I’m not in one of the states in this settlement, do I have any leverage to get this removed if I dispute via mail?
  10. I’m in TX so I guess I’m out of luck on this settlement.
  11. My pending dispute with EQ was done online but I will by mail with TU.
  12. Thanks. To provide a little background: I disputed it in April on all 3B and it was miraculously removed from EX. I tried again with EQ after this news, so I’ll keep posted.
  13. I have a Santander Chargeoff from a few years ago. Will this mean folks like myself could get this deleted now? Anyone else hear about this? http://santandermultistateagsettlement.com/Home/portalid/0
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