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  1. okay so should i ocassionally on each card- A) charge something and pay it off as soon as possible charge something and pay it once that balance has a due date (after end of statement) C) charge something and let a small balance roll over to the next month. i know its not entirely known what makes up fico scores, just wondering what peoples thoughts, experiences, etc are. ps dont ask why " B + ) " equals when typed next to each other
  2. ok ill do that from now on then. i checked my cards out and found that two of them have already had a monthly statement without any purchases. they did both have payments during these 30 day periods. is this bad?
  3. this bad mark with Comed (electric company) still stands. i sent a PFD with no response. when i called them they would take a payment. should i have paid them then and there on the phone? i didnt pay because i dont want to be left without a leg to stand on, if they wont recall the collection. when i asked the lady if my account had been sold, or reassigned to the CA, she said she didnt know. suggested courses of action? i dont mind paying this, but i dont believe a "paid" on my reports will do me much good. i want it gone. help please
  4. woo hoo, tower loan is paid off. they update to beuarus in january.
  5. hello, i havent posted on here in awhile. last time i did i still had several thousand dollars in credit card debt. i have finally (within the last month) paid these all down to a zero balance. i have been told by a couple friends of mine, that it is better from my fico score to use it at least once per billing cycle. my friends, although well meaning, repeat a lot of hearsay. so my question to the community here is: is there any advantage to using a credit card once per month and paying it off each month, or using it monthly and letting a small balance carry over, versus not using the card at all (emergency only) i have had these cards for 6months to three years. high balances for the last 8 months or so, up until the last 2 months or so, when i was able to get them paid off. I thank whoever takes the time to read this and share their knowledge with me. Also, happy 2014!
  6. when i called the OC, the lady on the phone pulled up the account by my ss number, and she told me that she "could" take a payment right then and there over the phone, but that i should pay the collection agency, and it would "go through" faster (i assume she meant to get power hooked up with them, i'm guessing shes used to someone calling on an account that old only when they need electricity hooked up in their name) when i asked her about how they report the debt, if it would come off my report and such, she didnt know. she just kept suggesting that i contact the collection agency. anyway, i sent a pfd letter to the oc. this one i wrote myself, (handwritten actually) and its got a softer tone to it and doesnt say anything about "either agree or validate" or anything like that. it just references the report entry, suggests we can resolve it, and asks for a letter form them argeeing to two terms for full payment. 1- remove this entry from all credit bureaus including but not limited to experian, transunion, equifax, and innovis. 2- not to discuss this offer with any third party, with the only possible exception being the collecition agency, and only in the interest of removing this entry from my credit reports. wish me luck (or tell me what i should have done differently) i have only sent this a couple days ago and did not use cmrrr. i will on the next one if another one is necessary. ill let you all know how it goes
  7. like I said i think the debt is still owned by Comed. It is listed on my credit report under "contract callers inc"(a collection agency) and it has an account number listed starting with CCI. but it lists "original creditor" as "Comed" @futurehomeowner? - does the possibility of them forwarding a check to the collection agency --> them marking as "paid" thing apply the same if i send a money order instead? either way i'd want an agreement in writing stating that they can and will delete the entry from all my credit reports before i'd pay them a dime. (unless i come to find out, for sure, that they just automatically remove entries upon recieving payment) - - (kinda doubtful i guess) thanks again for all the help so far, but im still kind of confused as how i should proceed. obviously, i want to get them to send me a written pfd agreement. but how have people here had success with getting such an agreement?
  8. please tell me if im misinformed on any of the above.
  9. thanks, i figured i should have something in writing. i would gladly pay it to get it off of my credit reports (not updated as settled or paid or anything like that) i had thought about telling them to validate it, but then i guess i would be dealing with the collection agency (as they are the ones reporting it) and it's my understanding (although im not completely sure about this) that if you tell them to validate it, the account can come off of your credit report for a time, and then show back up. i would hate to have this happen, as im wanting to get a mortgage soon, and i believe mortgage lenders tend to check your reports when you first go to "pre-qualify" or whatever and then again when you go to close on the deal. needless to say it would be bad to have this pop back up when im trying to close on a house.
  10. good news (i think) i called comed (oc) today the lady one the phone didnt know wether the account was sold or assigned to the ca, but she said she could take payment if i wanted her to. she suggested that it would show to the credit bureaus faster if i paid the collection agencies. when i asked if it would update to paid, of be deleted from the reports, she said she didnt know. i guess this lady was kind of confused, but am i correct in thinking that since she could take payment, that this means the account is assigned and not sold? if this is the case, should i go ahead and pay comed on the phone, or should i get something in writing saying they will get it DELETED off my reports once i pay. or should i (i doubt it, but tell me if so) deal with the collection agency? also i asked her, if i were to send a check, who would i make it out to, and she said "comed" this makes me inclined to believe that comed still own the account. should i get a supervisor on the phone and have them send me a pfd agreemnet p.s. - i didnt say anything that would indicate that i am responsible for the debt
  11. here's a letter i found and customized to fit my case. does it seem to legal sounding? I really want this to work. I dont know if its beter to sound all legal smart flowers sounding, or if its better to plead. heres what ive got: ------------------------------------ First Last Street Town, State, Zip Comed I still have to find out where to send this date (whenever i finally send it off) Re: account#CCIxxxxxxx - Original Creditor : Comed 26499 Dear Comed: This letter is in response to credit report entries referencing the account above, apparently beginning around August 2011, and all subsequent (or any previous) entries related to the debt listed above. I wish to save us both some time and effort by settling this debt. Please be aware that this is not an acknowledgment or acceptance of the debt, as I have not received any verification of the debt. Nor is this a promise to pay and is not a payment agreement unless you provide a response as detailed below. I am aware that your company has the ability to report this debt to the credit bureaus as you deem necessary. Furthermore, you have the ability to change, or remove the listing since you are the information furnisher. I am willing to pay this alleged debt in full in return for your agreement to remove all information regarding this debt from any credit reporting agencies, including but not limited to: Transunion, Equifax, and Experian, within 30 calendar days of payment. If you agree to the above terms, I will send a certified payment in the amount of $249 payable to "Commonwealth-Edison" in exchange to have all information related to this debt removed (not updated or marked as paid) from all of my credit files. If you accept this offer, you also agree not to discuss the offer with any third-party, excluding the collection agencies. If you accept the offer, please prepare a letter on your company letterhead clearly agreeing to these terms. This letter should be signed by an authorized agent of Commonwealth-Edison. The letter will be treated as a contract and subject to the laws of my home state of Illinois. As granted by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I have the right to dispute this alleged debt. If I do not receive your postmarked response within 15 days, I will withdraw the above offer and request full verification of this debt. Please forward your agreement to the address listed above. Sincerely, Me -------------------------------- let me know if theres anything i should add or change, or if i should scrap it and write a nicer sounding one.
  12. hello, and thanks for your responses. the entry on my report about this is under "contract callers inc." - it does list Comed as the Original Creditor. pay status:>in collection< loan type: collection agency/attorney i havent found out yet (and dont know the best way to find out) whether the bill was sold, or assigned to the ca sorry, but even though i've seen references to a "dunning leter" on sites like this, i don't really know what one is. if it's a standard practice that collectors do, then they probally already have sent one. this is about a utility bill i stopped paying on back in 2009. im guessing i should do it all in writing? (no phone calls) another thing im not sure about is how to reference the account to the original creditor. would my name and saying that it showed up on my credit report be enough? (i take it in order to do this you have to offer money without really accepting the debt explicitly) in the letter, what is the right balance to strike between lawyer talk and come on man? thanks for the help so far
  13. hello, im very confused as i read different things as to "the right way" to go about this process. i have a utility bill in collections. ?#1 - do i pfd the oc or the ca? ?#2 - should i tell them to validate it? ?#3 - if i pay the oc, will the ca have to delete the report entry, or do they just have to reflect a $0 balance? any comments, preferably people with their own sucess stories doing this, are more than welcome.
  14. Thanks, im glad to hear that the loan i took out will show as positive in the end. the house im looking to buy, is not a very expensive one (for a house) its just been reduced to 32.900. i like it (even though it needs work) because it is in a decent part of town, has a good foundation and frame, and most of all, its not that very expensive and that should make for lower taxes (since i wont get it re-appraised after i fix it up) its just been bugging me ever since i went to go pay my rent a few months ago. money down the toilet. ive given that jerk over $5,000 in the last year with absolutely nothing to show for it. i figure with this modestly priced house, i could pay it off in five years at arount $700/month, or go for one of those 10 year mortgages that have the first 5 years at a low fixed rate and try to get it paid off in five but if not id still have most of it paid off before the higher rate would kick in. it's going to be a little while, i want to save up 20% so that even though ill have to pay insurance on the house, i wont have to pay insurance on the mortgage. anyway i have another question. one of my first two credit cards, which i opened back in 2011, has a late payment (less than 30 days late) in july of 2012. i had assumed that after a year of making all my payments on time it would show positive. but its still listed under "adverse accounts" and an "innovis" credit report (i know not the one you usually look at, but i'll have to pay for the others if i want them before next april) says, date expected to show positive is in 2019!!! is that how it works! i know negatives report for seven years, but in those 7 years, can you really have 83 on time payments, 1 less then 30 days late, all more than the minimum and that account is considered negative? does the credit card company or the credit reporting agency determine wether the account is considered "satisfactory" or "adverse"? if the credit card company, would it be worth it to call them and try to get them to change it? if i were to close this account (one of two around two years old, my other two are only six months old) would it help me, or hurt me to do so? i already have my experian scorer telling me "average length of time revolving accounts open is to short." ****edit**** i just got off the phone with capitalone. i told them it didnt seem fair that this was being shown as an "adverse account for making one late payment over a year ago" the guy went ahead and initiated some kind of dispute with the bureaus to try and get it shown as a satisfactory account. should i be hopeful about this, or did i waste my time on the phone? he said i should be informed by the bureaus by the end of the month.

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