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  1. Being a Chase customer for the past 15 years of so, I can honestly say that this year, it was a horrible year to be a customer. I was enrolled in their “Hurricane Sandy relief” program from November 2012 until June 2013. The premise of the program was to defer the mortgage of those affected by the storm for 90 days; or so it was explained to me. Long story short, at the end of the 90 days, after 3 letters of foreclosure and countless phone conversations ( I have them documented) . In a nut shell I was told: The letters are auto generated, you are fine.You need to pay the 3 months of deferred payments as well as the current month upon completion of the program.Several people enrolled in the program misunderstood the premise.Needless to say I need to re-enroll and hope to find all of the finances needed to catch up this loan. Re-enrolled, I still received countless phone calls, and 3 more certified letters until finally being able to make 2 payments totaling 11K…(borrowing yet again). The bank reported me to CA’s for 60 day late payments for issues that were resolved more than once on the phone. My credit is not the best currently, and I am trying to fix it, but with friends like this ( Chase)…….you know the rest.

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