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  1. So much has taken place since the last time I was here in this thread. I have accumulated 7 inq's on experian and got approved for 4 CL. Not bad. Darn you Chase and CIti I froze ex until well next year I suppose! I start going after lenders that only pulled ex or trans... not bad I got 4 CL!! The sad thing is that I started to become addicted to applying to cc, I enjoyed the adrenaline and calling lenders through " back doors" just to hear Congratulations Tatianna you have been approved, your credit line is... The adrenaline is real! I have all kinds of companies monitoring my credit, I can't remember who I am paying and why. I began to get numerous emails alerting me that my score has changed. All FAKO, I logged in to see that my score has dropped 54 points Plus I can easily see myself losing my self control. As credit repairing and rebuilding is great, it can easily turn into a monstrous MONSTER if one is not careful. For me this journey or credit repair, than building has become a gift and borderline curse, in the sense that it tempts your self control. I find myself going through credit pulls to see what lender I should target and how much a successful rate I have of getting approved. Was I not on CB to LEARN about repairing, learning how to rebuild and learning how to not relapse to my young dum and straight irresponsible ways. G D is still good to me and never has stopped, it will be because of my greed that I will turn all his blessing into unwanted, unnecessary out of control trails and tribulations. I want to share something with everyone on here that is beyond embarrassing. But I must so that hopefully someone can learn from my neglect and greed. Today the electric company comes to knock on the door, my gut told me it was the electric company. I owed them 1k+. I knew this was something that I needed to take care of, but because I was spending all my valuable time on was to get CL, I kept putting it off, straight neglect. I had no one to blame but myself. Even when the electric guy was standing in my face telling me the balance due to avoid interruption, I was thinking about what credit card I can get to charge it to. When he told me he don't take CC's I began to hyper ventilate. Now I have more than enough in my account to pay the account in full, but just the idea of me using my real cash Needless to say I started pressing him about going online to pay it via CC, he adamantly told me NO it can't be done. My 6th sense said try, it worked and he was pissed So not only did I get to keep my cash on reserve but I just earned reward points for using the CC for utility bills He said to me that I was lucky, I said no there is an around me!! 'The point is that I personally feel that it is very easy to relapse into debit, or diminish your hard worked 720+ credit score as I have now done. Today was a reality check. I am done. I just got approved for my last CC that I applied for. I'm freezing everything. You can try to catch a glimpse of me laying comfy cozy on my plush green lawn with my pink roses and lilies just beginning to sprout!!! IN MY GARDEN I love this view and it will be my view, peace of mind and appreciation for a very very long time!!! All it will take to see it blossom nicely is a little bit of water aka utilization under 30% of ALL CL combined and replenishment from my sub prime CASH!!
  2. tatianna8020


    New York
  3. Applied and instant approval on Sunday already reported to Ex and Trans today.
  4. pan·a·ce·a ˌpanəˈsēə/ noun a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases. "the panacea for all corporate ills" synonyms: universal cure, cure-all, cure for all ills, universal remedy, elixir, wonder drug;
  5. While on my journey to credit repair, Amex was one of the MUST have cards along with MasterCard. Back in my retail days, as a cashier, anyone who paid with an Amex was rich! I once got handed an Amex Black card and almost Sugar Honey Ice Tea'ed my pants. She was a woman .... So yes I will admit once I was ready to take the dive to app for some cc's after my cap1, I went for Amex! I was very particular in the once I chose. Once that screen said APPROVED, I felt invincible!! So now that I have it, I feel a level of confidence, maturity and smart!! Now I app'ed for Chase slate and Citi who were hell bent on not extending a dime to me! Even after calling back door #'s...said my credit history is too short . SO now my goal is to get me that darn citi cc anyone, but visa! Chase, I am over them!!! Oh well just my little newbie 2 cents, so yea in a nut shell, Amex does have me on cloud 8!!
  6. This is an interesting thread and right on time. I unfroze all 3 credit bureaus for 15 days, I was going to lease a car, I refroze my experian after coming from the Acura dealership (since they ONLY pulled that) and applied for a Discover it cc, they were successful with pulling experian, I got approved!! I tried my luck with the shopping cart trick on Expedia, i was booking a trip, the cc that was being offered was citi MC, i was denied, I got email alerts stating that there were 2 new inquired on experian. I was really upset because I froze EX. Any suggestions on if I can dispute the citi inq? I have the confirmation that it was frozen.
  7. Yes, so it should be. They didn't provide me with any paperwork stating how much they requested the bank to lend me, are they supposed to? The dealership should provide your with an AAN, They have 30 days to do so. Was she supposed to give me this the same day? Do they mail it? I believe the captive's decision remains active for either 30 or 60 days, regardless of another dealership's application submission on your behalf. Thanks good to know!!! Yes, 36 months. Yikes I was hoping that you say 12 months but hey have to start somewhere!!! Thank you for all your help!!
  8. Hi Marv, Quick question, I went to lease my first car at Accura. Everything was going great, UNTIL I got into the finance office. I just want to make note that I wanted to talk withthe finance lady prior to running my credit, as I had some questions. That was not an option. Ok I get in the office and her deamnor was nasty, ok anyway. She looked at my application, asked basic questions and entered it in the computer, next thing I know she said your denyed, sorry and closed my file. I was shocked, U asked the following: reason: not enough credit history Score: 697 ( she said I qualified for their preferred Tier which is Tier 1) (she didn't know if it was auto enhanced scoring, she asked what is that) who did they pull: Experian ONLY what can be done: co-signer who can show payment history She said she couldn't print anything out but moved the screen to show me what America Honda Finance gave her. I saw my one credit card that I opened back in Oct 2013 CL 2000 ( i have 2 other cc I was approved for but are not reporting yet) I have no baddies never been late. my questions MarvBear is: when trying to get a lease approval from the bank, the negotiated price is the amount they are requesting right? In my case it was $34,155 Am I entitled to something in writing stating that I was denied and based off what factors? I never actually seen the denial Should I request to speak to an under writer @ American Honda Finance on Monday and explain anything? (the finance lady didn't know what or who it was) Could I have chosen a different model less than the amount she entered requesting an approval? or is it just denied regardless? Should I try again when these two cards start to report? How long should I wait to retry again? Are there any car financing companies that are first time leasing friendly that you can recommend? would I face the same issue with other car financing companies? Should I just take out a loan from my local credit union and just pay it as per terms just to show that I am responsible? and for how long do you recommend that I have the term for? The income is there and was given proof via 6 months of pay-stubs. I was putting 0 down as I knew I qualified for at least preferred tier 1 I went on a mini app spree, well I only applied for one (and I truly believe that is an app spree) cc and was approved instantly. They pulled Experian despite the fact that 5 minutes prior I refroze it! Even though I didn't drive off with my car, I appreciate the experience!! It has taught me that I can face these car dealers and have the confidence and wisdom to show that I know what the bleeeeepppp I am talking about!! Except when it comes to financing All help is appreciated!! I look forward to your feedback!
  9. I'm far from an expert, let me say that first. I do have something in common with you. And that would be repairing credit and the lack of credit education my parents gave me. When I started my credit repair journey back in august 2013, my scores were in the 400's.Now my scores are in the 700+. If you don't mind I would share with you some steps I have taken to build my credit. First try to get a credit card, SHOPAROUND, find a credit card that will work for you, one that you can mange. If you are getting denied for everything you apply for STOP, too many inquires will hurt your score, not help. So now that you know you can't get a secured or unsecured credit card, go for Open sky, the do have AF and APR, but my research that I have done on them, they were the best secured card out there. More importantly, they don't do hard pull's ( inquiries on your credit reports) and they do not check Chex system. Now that you have your secured credit card LAY LOW. RESEARCH. I guarantee that you will find answers to your questions on CB!! Also, no one will give you a quick answer to navigating through CB, you have to navigate and trust me its very well worth it!! Pace your self, credit repair will not be done over night. There are some great tips on how to approach credit repair from how to get hard copies of your credit reports, to how to successfully remove those civil judgments, to contacting CA's to make sure they have rights to collect on the debt, to how to deal with CRA's when disputing, etc... Bookmark CB, i strongly suggest taking at least 2 hours out of your day and dedicating it to researching on CB!! Even after I have successfully gotten where I want to be ( my goals increase every time i accomplish one goal) I still come here to find advice. Its addictive the best drug out there and its free, constructive and beneficial for my life! Create a plan of ATTACK. Don't go in BLIND! They (CRA's and CA even OC's) prey on ppl like that. Know what your talking about and know the law to help back you up. This should have been # 3 I wish you the best of luck, with diligence, (I'm prohibited to get all religious ), you will make it through, it will get frustrating, challenging and cause you to be on an emotional roller coaster. STAND your GROUND FIRM! After the storm the sun will shine, and bright it will! Everyone here on CB is wonderful, kind and love to share their experience and knowledge. You have done the first step in credit repair, reaching out for help!
  10. big congrats!!! Feels great to have clean CR's!!!
  11. Uppdate!!! I just logged in to my Cap1 mobile app and WOOOHOOOOO my CLI request was approved. I requested 2K and I got it!! Thank Yippie!! Now I get to add to credit pulls! AGAIN!! I so wish i would have waited to apply to Chase and Citi. Oh well lesson learned. It is so important to pace on self! So plan still remains to wait until both cards are reported to all 3 CRA's, wait 6 months and then apply for my goal cards, request CLI with existing cards.

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