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  1. You know. My sister said the same thing. Just make sure you READ everything you sign, and pay on time and you should be good. I will also refinance ASAP. Thanks for the reply
  2. Thank you. Yeah I did see ALOT of people saying the same thing you did just pay before and maybe even get on auto pay if needed. tysm for the reply!
  3. Thanks guys. will do!! I just don't want to go in this with a bigger headache than needed!
  4. Hello, I am new here so I hope I am posting in the right forum. In 2 days I will be purchasing a car from CarMax. I was approved for a load through, Drive Financial. I was approved with a rate of 24.99%. I know this is REALLY REALLY high, but my credit is poor right now, and I am doing what I can to fix it, but as we all know it takes time. Now I see NUMEROUS amounts of horrible feedback from this company, and to be honest they are the only one that will finance me at the time. Is there anyone that has had a good experience with them? any advice? Also Can someone help me understand the process that we go through when we get a loan through a dealership. When we leave with the car is the loan actually approved? Or are the numbers we get a "estimate" of what we will be paying? What is the likelihood of them asking me to bring the car back. What makes them even get to that point? Sorry lots questions here, I guess I am looking for some answers to calm my nerves alittle. Thanks for the feedback in advance.

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