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  1. Hi All, I'm helping a friend with some credit issues. He is working towards getting a job in the mortgage lending industry. He's close to taking his NMLS and state exams, but the topic of credit has come up. He has two old collections from chase on his credit report -- DOFD 2010, last payments reported as 2015 (but actually were 2014) Anyone have any experience on whether this will prevent him from getting his NMLS and state (MD) licenses? We've read many conflicting stories. If we can't get the collections deleted, should he settle
  2. I'm helping a friend with a credit issue. He has two chase credit cards that he stopped paying around 2010, but made payment plan payments 2010-2014. No payments have been made since 2014, but both collections on his credit report show last payment/updated 2015. We only have the online reports so far, not the full paper reports yet. The accounts aren't with a collection agency, they are with chase directly. Chase is offering a big settlement on these. What do you all recommend for him? Should we try a generic not-my-account dispute first? dis
  3. Thanks for the advice! I'm pretty happy I was able to get the GS apple card, navy fed signature, usaa amex, and citi costco... all rewards, all with their lowest offered APRs, all in the last few months. I should just live with that happiness for a bit
  4. amex denied me because of the past negative relationship, I have a friend who's adding me as an AU to get back in. I haven't tried with chase or boa in a while. I have several new accounts and several inquiries in the last 3 months, should I wait on trying chase and boa again?
  5. Thanks for that insight. I actually use all of the cards that have balances, I pay off everything before statements cut but sometimes I miss a pending charge or two, and then it reports a balance.
  6. Good points and questions... I'll be thinking about this more. I'm not entirely sure what the psychological driver is for me for having higher limits, perhaps fear of some kind... In my 2010 bk7 I burned amex, boa, and chase, so I'm locked out of those currently. Bk fell off this year. In the 7 years after my bk, I heavily relied on credit cards to be my temporary savings, maxed them all out, did stupid things, etc. In the last 3 years I've shifted entirely to actually having savings (big increase in income helped) and primarily using credit for the rewards, so perh
  7. So, I've been spending about $9k/month on the citi costco card (limit 9,800) and paying it off. I just tried to CLI...denied because of too many new accounts in the last 6 months... I won't have 9k in spend for the next 3-4 months, less than half of that. Will citi still pay attention to the past spend or only recent?
  8. Also I believe Tower FCU will do it too, and they're an open CU. But for some reason they won't give me credit yet. They also have 100% mortgages for purchases, like NASA FCU (also open)
  9. Yeah DCU is pretty cool about it. I can even transfer directly from the card to pay auto loan (when I had one there), it's like they removed all the stops on transfers. Same deal about MAFCU, only applies to one county in MD (or one employer), only has two locations
  10. DCU (open CU), MAFCU, and although not a credit union, USAA. Not sure about navyfed yet.
  11. Thanks. Does the low $500 limit on barclays wind up influencing other creditors to keep their limits low?
  12. Greetings! I'm looking for advice on what to do to get better credit limits. I'm getting great APRs, but those don't really matter much since I'm not really carrying balances. My FICO8 scores today are 765 / 773 / 755. No derogs. Income ~300k. I currently have the following revolving accounts: creditor / opened / limit / balance mafcu cc / 2015 / 20,000 / 0 nasafcu cc / 2015 / 14,000 / 0 dcu cc / 2013 / 10,000 / 0 discover cc / 2013 / 11,700 / 5,500 crapone cc / 2012 / 5,500 / 0 barclays cc / 2012 / 500 / 0 (CLD'd
  13. I was attempting to lift the freeze on my reports. I was able to lift equifax and tu fine, but experian I accidentally answered one question wrong (and I know exactly which question) and now I'm locked out. I see the form that I have to send (mail) with my information and identity verification, but I'm in the middle of applying to refinance my mortgage. Has anyone else dealt with this? Is this simple stupid mistake going to take weeks or months to fix?
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