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  1. I was attempting to lift the freeze on my reports. I was able to lift equifax and tu fine, but experian I accidentally answered one question wrong (and I know exactly which question) and now I'm locked out. I see the form that I have to send (mail) with my information and identity verification, but I'm in the middle of applying to refinance my mortgage. Has anyone else dealt with this? Is this simple stupid mistake going to take weeks or months to fix?
  2. Thanks for the help! I poked around, and there are actually some other minor differences, I have a cap1 card reporting a 40% balance on TU but updated to $0 on EX and EQ. That should update soon. I also just did a soft-pull CLI from sync/carecredit and they increased my limit $8k to $20k. I have $2k in promo/0% on that one. I think things are looking good, I have a lot of near term updates that should happen: updates that will happen: any day now - capone update to bal/util 0% on TU (already updated on EX/EQ) any day now - DCU CC update balance to $460/5% util 4/27 - sync/homedsgn update to 0 balance 4/27 - discover update limit to 10.7k, util 75% (4% interest on a balance transfer) 4/27 - MAFCU CC update balance to $3, util 1% 4/27 - NASAFCU CC update balance to $10, util 1% 4/28 - USAA CC update balance to $0 5/3 - Sync/carecredit limit to 20k, util 10% (%0 interest/promo vet bills) 5/5 - barclays update balance to $0 5/12 - Sync/amazon limit to 10k, bal/util 0% 5/12 - Sync/lowes limit to 35k, bal/util 0%
  3. Thanks for the info. Would you have any suggestions on how to determine why my TU fico2/4/5 is so much lower than my other two? Everything across all 3 is exactly the same, except that TU is missing 1 old closed revolving account that is 4 years older than any other accounts I have (predates my bk7 by 3 years)
  4. Ok, thanks for that heads up on the credit unions, perhaps I will use my traditional mortgage broker again instead.
  5. Hi all, I'm just starting the process of refinancing my mortgage. My current mortgage has been sold around a few times and is currently serviced by a terrible company that charges fees to make ACH payments. I'm looking at refinancing with one of my credit unions. They tell me that fixed rate mortgages get resold, but ARMs don't. I could get a slightly better 7/1 rate than the fixed and I don't plan on being here for 7 years. I would like to avoid having my mortgage transferred around. Should I do the ARM? Any other thoughts? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the tip, my fico2/4/5 scores are a bit lower: EQ768, TU710 (wtf?), EX750 Do most credit unions use this scoring model for mortgages?
  7. So the 10.x% util to 9.x% util isn't worth it. Thanks!
  8. 18% DTI including current mortgage payment. Bk7 was in 2010, mortgage app asks "in the last 7 years"
  9. I went nuts on the living within my means and my mortgage balance (292k) is almost the same as my annual income (275k) So overall my total DTI all-in is 18%, that's including all secured and unsecured installment and revolving
  10. Hello Everyone. My bk7 just fell off all of my reports, at nearly the same time I consolidated most of my revolving debt into an installment loan. My credit scores jumped 100+ pts into the 760/770 range, with all accounts reporting. Earlier this week I was at 13% utilization. I requested soft-pull CLIs with discover, amazon synchrony, capital one, and lowes synchrony. All approved. The lowes synchrony went from 15k to 35k. I'm floored by that approval. With those limits I'm now at 127k total limits, 13k balance, so just over 10% util. Ex and eq only have one inq in the last 24 months, in January. TU has 4, last was in January all others are beyond 6 months. I am going to apply to refinance my mortgage in 2 weeks. I am debating applying for a CLI with my USAA card. If approved to where I expect (6k > 12k) it would lower my utilization to 9.x% total. Is it worth it? I need to maintain 760 for the best mortgage rate from my credit union.
  11. unfroze TU and reapplied for Venture one and QSone, both declined online. Hooray! =/
  12. I went ahead applied for the venture card with TU frozen (my lowest score) before the new line posts and got an immediate online declined. On top of the virgin america comenity decline. UGH. Thoughts?

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