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  1. Are there some that are better candidates than others? I have several Visa & MC's. However, I don't want to ravage her credit having a bunch of cards reporting as new and defeating the purpose.
  2. Yes, good to be back. Thank you! Need to get the kids credit age up in a a hurry! Wife didn’t listen and co-signed on car now the wife needs car! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Seems that I heard a while back that I heard that it may be possible to add my kid to my AMEX with 10+ year history perfect payment history and have her credit report reap the benefit of my good payment history and age?. I called Amex they took her name, SS #, and assigned her a $200.00 limit. Evidently, she will get here own card with her name on it. Will AMEX start reporting my 10+ yr payment history to her credit report? Or will this report as a new account with 1 month history.
  4. Somewhere along the line some of the people seem to be confused that I was somehow trying to justify the cost.........which I was not. I was merely looking for the best financing option. ---- I do appreciate the time to read childish insults. However since I came to a form where building credit and making wise finically decisions. Comparing what I am doing is far from making Although yesterday when I started inputting the item numbers into the shopping cart. I hit a road block. The discount only allowed me to put 5k in shopping cart. I could only get half the things I had on my list. Evi
  5. I'll add to this... congratulations on getting off your butt and doing something when you lost your job instead of just sitting around. You have experience in a related field and it sounds like your head is squared away. In other words... you aren't walking in blindly. My theory is "the tool you don't have is the one that costs you the most money". If you think this is the best deal available go for it. Best of luck to you. Literally less than a month from the day that I got laid off I had taken all entrance exams and enrolled back in school. Obviously I know that another de
  6. I already have a large roll top box. It's not Snapon however it works the same it stores my tools. It gets the job done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Yes I have GI bill that's pays for school and my mortgage while in school. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. +1 This^ is what I really think is happening here. I'm torn between simply answering the OP's question (BT and/or 0% card) and giving my honest advice (don't do it!), especially given the recent issues on CB where tough-love is not valued as much as it had been (oops, did I say that?). I am fine with tough love! I can look at things objectively! I actually like that people aren't walking on egg shells and tell them what they need to hear and not just what they want to hear!
  9. +1 This^ is what I really think is happening here. I'm torn between simply answering the OP's question (BT and/or 0% card) and giving my honest advice (don't do it!), especially given the recent issues on CB where tough-love is not valued as much as it had been (oops, did I say that?). Agreed, but I think OP got both messages and it's up to him to decide the path he will take. I have followed a lot of mind crimes advice on here and it has helped with my credit to get me to where I am today! However I am an adult and can take some tough love! LOL
  10. While i dont want to debate what tools someone else thinks I will need! I will work on a variety of Peterbuilt, volvo, my tool list is the list I have made no one supplied me with a list saying this is what you will need. I have compliled my list from my own experience..............understandablly many things are personal prefrence however our instructors at school have made it very clear that snapon tools are very overpriced however 50% off puts them into more of a reality.
  11. Valid and good question...............ITs still to ar out to know exactly where I will be working exactly or if I would even commit to a company unless the offer was just to good to pass up. However I have been a contractor working offshore and I already have some snapon tools some of which i have had to warrenty.............I have had absolutely NO luck getting a snapon truck to come to my house to replace broken tools however i call snapon on the phone tell them i have a broke tool and they email me a prepaid shipping label. I put it in a box and mail it. less than a week later a new one or
  12. I appreciate everyone's help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. ^^ great advice. #1 happens so often. So often. and #2 and #3 also great advice. eta: another "so often" to #1 ..... in every avenue of life, the marketers try to tell you this is your one and only chance. And it's not. NOT. You will have future chances to get these tools at WOrsa great price. And *only* the tools you need .. since you'll know what you need once you've completed your program. I understand the interest rate part which is why i attempting to finance for the best rate possible. What is WOrsa?
  14. I am in the Associates Degree program! I don't qualify for VOC rehab. I was lucky enough not to get myself blown up over here!
  15. I have been in the Diesel field for the last 10 years however I have been working in the offshore oil industry and have never had to supply my own tools.So investing some money now that will last another 10 years I don't have a problem with. Understandably some people never make it through school and buy a great big kit.And yes they are loaded with debt of tools and paying off shool etc. I am however in a bit of a different situation.............I have compiled the list of tools that I will be needing. I by no means want to go in debt as I have NO debt other than a house payment and hav
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